Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hey mom!

Answers first:
1. Have you gotten any other mail from me besides one postcard? Only one postcard so far. Well, the three packages too. Thanks!
2. Will you send a picture of you and your companion together? Sí
3. Did you get your scriptures from Theron? Sí
4. Have you been healthy? Sí-ish... Lets just say I´m grateful for the digestive vitamins ;) haha
5. How is the workout facility there? It reminds me of a gym Arnold would´ve worked out in like 25 years ago, but less weight.
6. Tell me about your daily schedule. I already told dad, and I don´t have much time... haha
7. Do you have "school" on Saturday also? Sí, muchas school er´day except Sunday.
8. What is your Sunday schedule like? Ummm... Breakfast, personal study, priesthood, sacrament, study, lunch, meetings, devo, dinner, devo, devo, district devo, bedtime.
9. Do you get to go onto the Temple grounds? Not yet. Next week I think.
10. How's Mexico? Its really rainy (which I really like!) and really, not too hot! It´s bien!

E. Farley & E. Clark

Lake Powell will be way fun! Thats awesome! And your treats just allow us to become better friends with the other Elders! haha
(As for the Investigators at the MTC) They tell us they´re real, but I don´t pay no heed! haha. But the investigators are alright... They turned out to be our teachers! haha. PLOT TWIST!! haha.
All that about my mission sounds great! I´m excited to get there! Thanks!
Sounds like you guys are having a good time going to different places! Thats way cool! And Caiside is a funny little girl! haha

But I have to hurry up and get off here! I love you and am so happy to be out here! Keep doing all that you do! You´re the absolute best mom I could ever have!

Elder Brian Farley

Our District Poster

Hey Dad,

Week two is a lot better than week 1!  I´ve learned quite a bit already and I´m teaching decently! haha. But I know I´ll get it sooner or later. The more I learn, the easier it is to learn more! So thats good! German still seems so much easier to me though haha. I really can´t wait to get this language down though! I Can´t wait to go out in the field and start teaching! 

Thats way awesome that the North won though! I´m glad Logan did well, but it stinks that Kyle got hurt. He will be ok though. It wouldve been fun to play out there, but this is where I´m supposed to be. 

I´m glad you and mom are still doing your best to read and pray together! It definitely strengthens families and I know we´ll all be strengthened together as a family for staying dedicated and obedient. Keep up all that you do. I´m so grateful that you´re my dad and that I have your example to follow in my life. You are the best dad anyone could ask for. I love you, dad.

Your son and missionary,

Elder Brian Farley

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