Thursday, August 21, 2014

Final Email from Mexico

Mexico MTC District 4B
Hey Mommy!

Sounds like there is a lot going on back at home! Fun stuff!

Yes, I got the second fruit basket! Thank you! (The only downside was that the two kiwis were suuuuuuper unripe...)

Departing District 4B

I can´t wait to get out to Cali! I´m way excited! I´m sure everything will be nice and smooth once I get to the mission home! I´ve got three other Elders traveling with me too, so I´ll be fine. I´m really excited to meet my trainer and go out and teach! Even if I only share my testimony that "Joseph Smith is a pamphlet (Best Two Years)", it´ll still be great! I just want to get into the work of the Lord and bring as many people as I can to the knowledge of the Gospel!

Jacob is going to be a great missionary! I´m excited to hear how he does! Open houses are always fun to go to, but they´re pretty surreal when they are your own. Thats how I felt. But it´s a good feeling! Being a missionary is great! Jacob has prepared really well, and I know he is going to do an awesome job in France!

Definitely keep yourself involved in missionary work! Like Dad always says, "The Church IS missionary work!" Also, no one ever gets offended by an invitation! I really wish I would´ve shared the Gospel more at home, but I know I´m going to continue to try my best to be a missionary after I get home! Just invite and use every opportunity you get to tell people of the happiness the Gospel brings! We all chose it before we came to this Earth, so it´s definitely meant for all men and women of the Earth! No attempt to share the Gospel is worthless, it´s planting the seed deeper and deeper each time.

Elder Clark and I know almost all the same movie, tv show, videogame, etc. references, so we are spreading many funny quotes throughout the MTC haha. All good though!

So last Tuesday was pizza day (we always have Costco pizza for dinner on Tuesday) and our night teacher thought it´d be fun to have a pizza eating contest. Challenge accepted. He didn´t bother to tell us that he had no breakfast or lunch, so we were trying to keep up with him the whole time! He ended up eating a whole Costco pizza! I ate a half slice less than a whole pizza only because the lunch lady didn´t give me a full slice... But I ended on the nastiest pizza imaginable! The dough wasn´t even cooked all the way, and it was a cold Hawaiian pizza... No fun... But I ate it all!! Yes, I imminently regretted my decision because I was about to explode, but I came in second place to a guy who hadn't eaten the whole day! And the whole time we were eating, my teacher kept saying "let it go!" I think he was meaning to say something like "give up" but it was lost in translation. haha. But it was a good time! All my teacher said after he won was "¿Quien es su papá?" haha.

Things here in Mexico are still about the same though. It´s hailed a couple times, but nothing crazy. My umbrella is almost completely broken... Sorry. But it´s not like I´ll need it in Cali! Sunshine State! 5 more days! Spanish is always getting better. I´m starting to like it more;) haha. But all is well! I love you and hope everything continues to go well! I know this church is true and that by following the commandments, and the Prophet, we can live very happy lives!


Elder Brian Farley

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