Thursday, August 7, 2014

Canon's For the Saints!?!

MTC District 4B
Hey Mommy! (I figured since Sean always says "Hey Momma" I need to do something different! haha)

Lake Powell sounds awesome! Except for the few inconveniences... And don´t worry, I´m not like the Elder from "The Best Two Years" freaking out that his parents rented a boat and went to Lake Powell haha! But thats great the Mark and Nicole got to come and that your ankle was ok! Is it feeling any less painful? I hope so. But I definitely think a Lake Powell trip needs to happen after I get home! Plus other fun trips haha. But it sounds like you guys are having fun!

I´ll always send you at least a little email to let you know I´m alive, dont worry haha. I know Sean is doing well though! Speaking of Sean, sean is a Spanish word! It´s used as a command 'to be' something when speaking to more than one person. So like "¡Sean bueno!" which means "Be good!" (I think... Don´t quote me on that). But It´s a Spanish word! Cool, huh?  (Response from sister Rachel:  Ha!  That's funny that Brian thinks Sean is a Spanish word. It's not. He's mixing up how to conjugate the verb Ser (to be). It's an irregular verb. Son is when it's plural.)

We´re having a good time. It´s a lot of work, but it´s good! I´m going to actually get one of those Spanish leather scripture cases tomorrow! They are way cool! My roomates, Elder Bean and Elder Webster are great guys! Bean is a really funny guy and Webster is way good with the language! Everyone else is cool though. Spanish is a little tough. I´m learning, but it´s still coming slow... I know I´ll be fluent though! And I´ve been able to workout almost every day (aside from Sunday of course)! I am also doing ab workouts every other day so I´m getting them back haha.

You guys will have a great time in Utah! The open house will be amazing! We went to the Temple Visitors Center today and it was way awesome! Although I´d rather go in the Temple, the Visitors Center is good enough. I was thinking we´d have to give tours or something, but it turns out that we took a tour instead! It was really good! There was a movie about the family and the Plan of Salvation that really made me appreciate it even more! I am so grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever and that God has a plan for all of us! We also were able to go to the store there (la Tienda) and buy some stuff! I got a Mexican backpack thing, and a couple other souvenirs. You know what they say,"When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans." So I bought Mexican stuff! The trip to the Temple also opened my eyes a little more to how blessed I am to have grown up where I did, and that I was given all the amazing opportunities in my life. there were guys walking around with uzies and everything was all run down and it was a little scary... I kinda figured it would be that bad from what little I saw the night I arrived, and because the are gunshots (the instructors say they´re canon´s for the saints... Yeah, sure they are) we hear every night. One elder actually found a bullet on the ground here at the MTC! But I know we are protected here!

I got your other letters/postcards the last couple days! The first was from the 17th, then there was one the next day from the 25th, and then one the next day from the 16th... Don´t ask me how that happened. Elder Clark thinks the last one was sent by horseback. Is the pony express still a thing? haha. But thanks for all the things you send! I feel like the most loved Elder at the MTC;)

New Mexican Mexico Elders!
There really hasn´t been much else happening here. I feel like there should be more stories or something, but it´s just a lot of work and a lot of fun! I thought my testimony was strong before I came out here, but I feel it strengthening everyday! I am so grateful I am out here and able to serve and grow! I love you and love hearing from you every week!

Elder Brian Farley

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