Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 5 - Otro Dia!

Hi Mom!
I'll try to get to emailing sooner so you wont have to wait too long! That's cool that Dad has his journals and all from his mission! I am trying to find time to write in mine... But it's tough sometimes. I am going to make sure to write what's important though! I don't want to look back and think "Wow... I was a weird kid.." Well, I'll probably think that no matter what! haha.
I'm glad you are enjoying mission prep! That class is great! Although I didn't want to wake up that early somedays, it was way good and helped me prepare a lot! Hyrum got his call! Awesome!! He's going to be a great missionary! Hopefully he doesn't get jumped too many times! haha. He just needs a cop as a bodyguard or something! Speaking of cops, we had a lady threaten to call the cops we "soliciting" We were like, "Ummm no we aren't" and she was like "the exit(to the complex) is to the right" and we said "Well we're going left, have a great day!" haha. Some people make me laugh!
I'm excited to get that 100 day package!
The work is picking up here! We have a new investigator, Luiz, who has a lot of potential, and Eduardo had to cancel the appointment, so we couldn't tell him to quit his job... Darn... haha. The packages don't come until tomorrow, so hopefully the big BofM's come! And things are going better here. I think I was just a little overwhelmed with all the things I had to do and the little amount of time to do them all. I always want to do my best in all that I do, and I think I get a little discouraged when I see other missionaries doing better, because I feel like I can be that good. I'm doing better though! Thanks for all your help and support! Training is two transfers, so I'll be with E. Smith another transfer. It'll be good!
I'm trying to take more pictures and videos to send home! Sorry for not having too many! I still can't get this library computer to send pictures.  love you and am so grateful for your support!
Elder Brian Farley!
Ps. So a lot of Mexicans tell us "Otro dia(another day)" when we ask if we can share a message, because they don't want to be rude. So this less active guy in the Branch told us that when we are all in the Spirit World and God gives us the chance to live in the Celestial Kingdom, that those Mexicans will say "Otro dia" hahaha. Ohhh... Great stuff. Love you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 4 - Solana Beach, CA

Elder Smith & Elder Farley
Hi Mom!
The past couple weeks have been waayyy hot! I've been sweating up a storm! But I guess I'm used to it. haha. I'd much rather have a dry heat and not sweat though! This week went by a little slow for me, but it wasn't too slow. The weeks are slowly going faster. Pretty soon I'll be out a year and I won't even know it! haha. Thats too bad that most the guys from our ward don't go to mission prep. They need to! It's really important! It's called Mission Prep for a reason! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the class though! It was way fun for me! It's actually very similar to how we practice teaching out here! I read Dad's email. Too bad... We'll get Durango next year though!

Saturday sounded like a fun day though! Aspen Leaf and all! Sounds like you guys are having fun! I'm glad you got all the tie clips and the letter! I was afraid they'd fall out! But I haven't been able to take many pictures. I'll try to take more in the future! I know it was always good to get pictures and videos from Sean, so I'll do my best to take and send more! And the new shoes would be good now haha. Thanks! I cant wait for the new stuff! haha. Thanks!

One Suit Bites the Dust!

Happy Birthday to Danny! I do like all the pictures on the new calendar! The Cardiff building pictures are funny too... since thats where I'm at now! It's weird looking at them and seeing myself in 2nd grade!

The work here is still going a bit slow. One of our investigators can't come to church because of work, so I guess we are going to ask him to quit his job.  He'd already be baptized if he didn't work on Sunday. The other one is doing well! I really hope he gets baptized! He is great because he really wants to find out things for himself! All we need is a big BofM! Thanks for sending a few! We do a lot of walking although we have a car, and that means a lot of sweating. But the Mexicans here sweat just as bad, so it's not weird! haha. Church is always good. Our branch is small, but we are tight! Everyone is way cool and doing well with missionary work! I try everyday to be my best, and I will continue working hard. Thanks for all you do! Every little bit helps! I love you so much and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 3

Hey Mom!

Half-way though the transfer! I know! It's gone by pretty fast! Things are going great! We have a couple new investigators and one went to church! It was great! Elder Smith and I are still getting along! Things are tough here, but its worth it in the end! I got the suit and food! Thank you! I wont have to buy lunch for a couple weeks now! haha. I'm excited for the other packages! Thanks for all that you're doing! The packages don't take too long. About a week and a half I think. But that's not too bad!

That's too bad that everyone got sick! I hope everyone gets well soon! But it seems like you always dodge the bullet when everyone else in the family gets sick! haha. But I will definitely keep taking the gummies! They work wonders(I think)! It also stinks that the Scorps lost. I believe Danny when he says that there were some bad calls and such... tis the way it goeth sometimes. Mission prep is awesome! It definitely prepared me a lot for the mission! I think there are going to be a lot more talented and experienced missionaries coming into the field because of mission prep! And I'm glad all the guys are going! Hopefully the ones who aren't will soon. They don't realize how important it is! Oh, and you'll do great as the YW Camp Director! You did great last time(so I heard from the YW, but I know you did great!).

I'm glad everything is going good though! The work is going well here! We had a couple exchanges which were really good, and I ran the Spanish area on one of them! I fell asleep while saying my nightly prayer a few nights ago. I woke up at 1am! haha. But it was funny. I got the Slavokian and Middle-Eastern BoMs you sent, as well as the calendar and pull-up bar! Thank you!! You could probably send out the gym shoes in a month or so. My shoes are getting pretty old. Sorry for asking for so much!

Right now we have an investigator named Loreto who is pretty cool! He came to church and is really interested in finding out the truth for himself! I'm so excited for him!

I love you and hope all continues to go well! I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the love you show me! Keep growing closer to God and keep up that missionary work!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 2

Hi Mom!

That is so cool that Elder Holland came to Farmington! Did he say there will be a Temple built there soon? haha. But I wish I could've been there, but Cali needs me! Elder Holland is a great speaker! I actually heard he was in the Mexico MTC the day after I left... But it may have just been a rumor. If he was there, I just have bad timing! haha. But that's way awesome!

Sounds like things are going really well at home though. Well, aside from Gma and Gpa being sick. I hape they get better soon! Hopefully Gma gets good feedback from the doctor as well. But that's good that all the good football teams are winning! Especially my Scorps! haha

That would've been awesome if Sean could've met up with Theron, but he'll be ok.

Get them baptized!!!! That is great the missionary work is moving forward in F-town! I hope I can contribute as well when I get home! There have been a few RM's I've met here that have been helping out E Smith and I! I really want to continue being a missionary forever because this life is a time to prepare to meet God, and I want to give everyone a chance to prepare! Missionary work is hard, I've realized that. But when we do what is hard, the Lord will strengthen us and make the hard things easier! The whole point of the Gospel is to bring happiness in this life! I always want to be one to bring that happiness. Keep us the missionary work!

Thanks for sending me things! I hope they get here in one piece! I can't wait to see the goodies I get;) haha.

Thanks for all the info! I'm excited to further the work here in Carlsbad! Our apartment is in Solana Beach. It's nice, but no ocean view haha. Thanks for all that you do, mom! I love you and hope everything continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley

ps. I still cant send pictures, but I'll send the memory card soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Week in SoCal - Encinitas!!

Hi Mom,

I'm sorry, but I have no time...
We had to get a lot of stuff set up in order for me to email here in the library.

It's crazy that we almost ran into you though! (Dan and I went to Church with his sister at the Cardiff building...we didn't find out until talking to the Elders serving in the Cardiff Ward right before Sacrament meeting that Brian was assigned to the Spanish Branch that met in the same building...this building is also the same building we attended 2004-2005. We left before he got there...didn't want to be breaking mission rules his first week on the job!) I talked to Jeremy a little, but all was good! haha. I'm glad all was good here in Cali for you! The same goes for me and E. Smith!

So I'll just tell you about whats happened so far!

First off, we contacted a woman named Maria and she said she asked for a sign from God to tell her He's there. Bam! Miracle! We seriously talk to everyone we come in contact with! The first day was scary, but now its fun! Yesterday we had a guy flip us off, and curse at us, we had one guy say "Bless You! Go away! No" haha, we had another guy who just kept saying "Bye!" like 10 times, and another guy who said "No English. Slovakia... no, no, Slovakia." So we have been having fun! haha.

We have 3 new investigators and they are doing pretty well! Teaching is fun, although I still can't say everything I want to say... Probably will be a little while longer before I can do that... We placed a Book of Mormon the other day! It was great! Stuff down here is a bit slow, but I know that the more faithful, obidient and hard working, the more success we'll have!

The lady who does the sandwiches for the prisoner people is a crazy (but nice) nun! She always breaks out in random prayers and she also prays to mother mary... Thats different.
(some of the Missionaries in Brian's area work with Catholic Charities to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches once a week which are delivered to a prison in Tijuana, Mexico - Thanks for the info Sister Huber!)

I'm really out of time now. I'm sorry. But the work is going good here! I'm going to be the most obidient and hard working missionary I can be! I love it out here and am so very happy that I get to serve the Lord! I've already learned so much and cant wait to have more time next week to email you more! I hope to answer more of your questions about Cali then! I love you!


Elder Brian Farley

ps. send me food! Sorry no pictures today...maybe next week!

Hey Dad,
That was so crazy that we almost ran into each other! It would've been kinda weird, but I think it would've been fine haha. But everything here is going well!

Elder Smith is a great missionary! We are working hard to be 100% obedient and to be as hard working as we can! I'm so excited to work everyday and cant wait to get my first baptism! The work is hard, but its worth it! I haven't worked this hard in all my life, but I know it is for what is best! The Gospel is amazing and I can't believe how blessed I am to have the life I have now! The Spanish is always getting better! E. Smith is a great trainer! He's from Ohio and has been out about 8 months! I don't have much time because I had to get everything set up here at the library, and I need to email mom still! I love you and am so grateful for all that you do!

Elder Brian Farley