Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Week in SoCal - Encinitas!!

Hi Mom,

I'm sorry, but I have no time...
We had to get a lot of stuff set up in order for me to email here in the library.

It's crazy that we almost ran into you though! (Dan and I went to Church with his sister at the Cardiff building...we didn't find out until talking to the Elders serving in the Cardiff Ward right before Sacrament meeting that Brian was assigned to the Spanish Branch that met in the same building...this building is also the same building we attended 2004-2005. We left before he got there...didn't want to be breaking mission rules his first week on the job!) I talked to Jeremy a little, but all was good! haha. I'm glad all was good here in Cali for you! The same goes for me and E. Smith!

So I'll just tell you about whats happened so far!

First off, we contacted a woman named Maria and she said she asked for a sign from God to tell her He's there. Bam! Miracle! We seriously talk to everyone we come in contact with! The first day was scary, but now its fun! Yesterday we had a guy flip us off, and curse at us, we had one guy say "Bless You! Go away! No" haha, we had another guy who just kept saying "Bye!" like 10 times, and another guy who said "No English. Slovakia... no, no, Slovakia." So we have been having fun! haha.

We have 3 new investigators and they are doing pretty well! Teaching is fun, although I still can't say everything I want to say... Probably will be a little while longer before I can do that... We placed a Book of Mormon the other day! It was great! Stuff down here is a bit slow, but I know that the more faithful, obidient and hard working, the more success we'll have!

The lady who does the sandwiches for the prisoner people is a crazy (but nice) nun! She always breaks out in random prayers and she also prays to mother mary... Thats different.
(some of the Missionaries in Brian's area work with Catholic Charities to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches once a week which are delivered to a prison in Tijuana, Mexico - Thanks for the info Sister Huber!)

I'm really out of time now. I'm sorry. But the work is going good here! I'm going to be the most obidient and hard working missionary I can be! I love it out here and am so very happy that I get to serve the Lord! I've already learned so much and cant wait to have more time next week to email you more! I hope to answer more of your questions about Cali then! I love you!


Elder Brian Farley

ps. send me food! Sorry no pictures today...maybe next week!

Hey Dad,
That was so crazy that we almost ran into each other! It would've been kinda weird, but I think it would've been fine haha. But everything here is going well!

Elder Smith is a great missionary! We are working hard to be 100% obedient and to be as hard working as we can! I'm so excited to work everyday and cant wait to get my first baptism! The work is hard, but its worth it! I haven't worked this hard in all my life, but I know it is for what is best! The Gospel is amazing and I can't believe how blessed I am to have the life I have now! The Spanish is always getting better! E. Smith is a great trainer! He's from Ohio and has been out about 8 months! I don't have much time because I had to get everything set up here at the library, and I need to email mom still! I love you and am so grateful for all that you do!

Elder Brian Farley

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