Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 3

Hey Mom!

Half-way though the transfer! I know! It's gone by pretty fast! Things are going great! We have a couple new investigators and one went to church! It was great! Elder Smith and I are still getting along! Things are tough here, but its worth it in the end! I got the suit and food! Thank you! I wont have to buy lunch for a couple weeks now! haha. I'm excited for the other packages! Thanks for all that you're doing! The packages don't take too long. About a week and a half I think. But that's not too bad!

That's too bad that everyone got sick! I hope everyone gets well soon! But it seems like you always dodge the bullet when everyone else in the family gets sick! haha. But I will definitely keep taking the gummies! They work wonders(I think)! It also stinks that the Scorps lost. I believe Danny when he says that there were some bad calls and such... tis the way it goeth sometimes. Mission prep is awesome! It definitely prepared me a lot for the mission! I think there are going to be a lot more talented and experienced missionaries coming into the field because of mission prep! And I'm glad all the guys are going! Hopefully the ones who aren't will soon. They don't realize how important it is! Oh, and you'll do great as the YW Camp Director! You did great last time(so I heard from the YW, but I know you did great!).

I'm glad everything is going good though! The work is going well here! We had a couple exchanges which were really good, and I ran the Spanish area on one of them! I fell asleep while saying my nightly prayer a few nights ago. I woke up at 1am! haha. But it was funny. I got the Slavokian and Middle-Eastern BoMs you sent, as well as the calendar and pull-up bar! Thank you!! You could probably send out the gym shoes in a month or so. My shoes are getting pretty old. Sorry for asking for so much!

Right now we have an investigator named Loreto who is pretty cool! He came to church and is really interested in finding out the truth for himself! I'm so excited for him!

I love you and hope all continues to go well! I am so grateful for all that you do for me and the love you show me! Keep growing closer to God and keep up that missionary work!

Elder Brian Farley

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