Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 4 - Solana Beach, CA

Elder Smith & Elder Farley
Hi Mom!
The past couple weeks have been waayyy hot! I've been sweating up a storm! But I guess I'm used to it. haha. I'd much rather have a dry heat and not sweat though! This week went by a little slow for me, but it wasn't too slow. The weeks are slowly going faster. Pretty soon I'll be out a year and I won't even know it! haha. Thats too bad that most the guys from our ward don't go to mission prep. They need to! It's really important! It's called Mission Prep for a reason! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the class though! It was way fun for me! It's actually very similar to how we practice teaching out here! I read Dad's email. Too bad... We'll get Durango next year though!

Saturday sounded like a fun day though! Aspen Leaf and all! Sounds like you guys are having fun! I'm glad you got all the tie clips and the letter! I was afraid they'd fall out! But I haven't been able to take many pictures. I'll try to take more in the future! I know it was always good to get pictures and videos from Sean, so I'll do my best to take and send more! And the new shoes would be good now haha. Thanks! I cant wait for the new stuff! haha. Thanks!

One Suit Bites the Dust!

Happy Birthday to Danny! I do like all the pictures on the new calendar! The Cardiff building pictures are funny too... since thats where I'm at now! It's weird looking at them and seeing myself in 2nd grade!

The work here is still going a bit slow. One of our investigators can't come to church because of work, so I guess we are going to ask him to quit his job.  He'd already be baptized if he didn't work on Sunday. The other one is doing well! I really hope he gets baptized! He is great because he really wants to find out things for himself! All we need is a big BofM! Thanks for sending a few! We do a lot of walking although we have a car, and that means a lot of sweating. But the Mexicans here sweat just as bad, so it's not weird! haha. Church is always good. Our branch is small, but we are tight! Everyone is way cool and doing well with missionary work! I try everyday to be my best, and I will continue working hard. Thanks for all you do! Every little bit helps! I love you so much and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

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