Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 9: San Diego Temple

Picture taken by cousin Jeremy! Thanks, Jer!!
Hi Mom!

That picture of me and Auraliano (LA) is funny! It looks like I have a buzz cut though! No, no, no. I like my hair. Not doing that. Hopfully I'll get more pictures on my camera soon so I can send the card and show you how my hair usually looks! haha. But I am able to talk to Jeremy, but E. Smith still gives him the look. But he can totally talk to me! I don't care. As quoted from E. Farley Sen. "If it doesn't make you trunky, it's ok!" So I feel that talking to him is ok!

Thats scripture study idea sounds great! Yeah, let me know how it goes and maybe we can impliment it here as well!
The open house is going to be great! You will have fun! We actually went to the Temple this past Wednesday! It was amazing! The San Diego Temple is really pretty! I can't believe Summer got married there! Crazy cool!

You have no idea how excited I am for the iPads! We need them! It'd make things here so much easier(or so we think... and hope)! But it'll all come in due time. I really hope I can Skype at Jeremy's house! That'd be cool! If we have the iPads by then, I'm guessing we'll be in the church... But as long as I get to Skype, I'll be happy! haha. And I'm not sure what I want for Christmas.. I'll think about it! haha

I can't believe its almost November! Crazy! We have dinners like 90% of the time with members, so that's pretty good considering there are only like 6 active families! The only times I eat with other wards is on exchanges, and those happen like 3 times a transfer because E. Smith is the DL. But the ZLs are way cool! Great missionaries who work hard and have a great time with it as well! There are great missionaries in this mission! I hope I can serve with E. Clark, Schow, or Winterhalter sometime in the future! That'd be so awesome! In the mission we have "Fathers" (Trainers), "Sons" (Trainees), and are "Born" into the mission and "Die" when the mission is over, and other stuff like that. So all my MTC bretheren are my "Pre-mortal brothers" haha. It's great. They're great Elders!

Thanks for all that you do, Mom! I miss you and love you!


Elder Brian Farley

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 8: Lots of Investigators

Hi Mom!

Happy Birthday!!!!! A year older (really just a day, don't worry!) and wiser too! A birthday letter will come soon!

Thanks for the update! Tell Jeremy it's ok! Sean gave me the ok to talk to him! haha.

I updated Dad with what was happening with the investigators. They're progressing... kinda haha. But as long as we keep working hard, and stay diligent, everything will turn out ok! My Spanish is improving! I actually noticed the improvement this week too! Truthfully, I didn't think I'd be this good at this time after spending 6 weeks in Mexico. But I'm doing pretty well now! I can't wait to talk a little in Spanish to you at Christmas!  I'll try to speak really fast too! haha.

We've heard a bit about iPads. Either the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. I want them NOW though!!  E. Smith and I keep saying how easy something will be once we get iPads! haha. But really. Nightly planning - Easy! Weekly planning - 15 minutes instead of 3 hours! Lessons - the best! That's the idea anyways haha.

That's funny that you and Hna Dreiling are meeting up! She's way cool! Tell her I understand her circumstances(SP?)!

We saw Meet the Mormons like two weeks ago! I thought I told you. But it was way good! I wish I could watch it again, but they don't want missionaries scaring away the business of the movie theaters... haha. But nothing else has really been going on. Just hard work and the fun it brings! I love you and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

Hey Dad!
Thanks for all the update with all that's going on at home! That's too bad about the football team... It'll be the first time in a while that we don't go to the playoffs. But we can't be the best every year! haha.'

So the work here is really picking up! We have 5 pretty solid investigators: E, P, L, C, and L.
E. is golden aside from the fact that he works on Sundays! AND he is moving to Mexico in February! He doesn't want to change his job either! It's a little frustrating, but we're working on him. \
P.  has two kids who've been baptized and she is pretty much golden too. She is already trying to find ways to change her job and be able to come to church every Sunday. But she's just a little tough to get appointments with.

L.  is an 18 year old kid from Guatemala. He's been here for like 5 months and is really cool! We have to go slow with him (and like everyone else we teach) so he understands, but he isn't really reading or praying, and he doesn't come to church.
C.  is really cool! He just gets it! We taught him lesson 1 and then checked for understanding, and he retained everything we taught him! We are going to invite him to be baptized next visit! I really see a lot of potential with him!

L.  is doing well. He hasn't come to church since conference. He hasn't really done much praying but he reads a lot. He and a lot of the Mexican people here need almost no convincing that the BofM is true. They just accept it as scripture right off the bat! The Mexican people are so friendly! It's great! But L.  is one that'll take more time.

We have a lot of potential investigators too and are having a lot of lessons! The work is improving a lot here! We just have to continue to be diligent and hard working! Also, my Spanish is coming along quite well! I am excited to progress even further and become truly fluent!

I am doing a lot better with everything here. There hasn't really beet too much that has happened other than that... But we get to teach FHE to the branch tonight! That'll be fun! haha
But all is going well here. Thanks for all your support and for helping me pull through. Sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday last week. I send a letter. Hopefully it gets there soon! I love you, Dad!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 7: Loving it More and More Every Day!

Hi Mom!

Thats good to hear that you two made it back home safely! I love all the pictures! Looks like it was fun! You were in the cattle car? What? Thats way cool! haha. Adventure at every turn! haha.

Those darn cameras! There are a lot here too! But since we have a new car, and we haven't put the plates on yet, guess what? NO TICKETS FOR RUNNING RED LIGHTS!! haha. But we would never do that!... Hopefully you two only come back with those two.

I really can't wait to see all those pictures! That all sounds super fun! I love all the architecture(SP) there, with all the castles and what not. Tons of history! It's always fun to go exploring and find all the non-touristy places! It makes it more of an adventure! But sometimes that becomes not too safe, but I'm glad you are safe! I am looking forward to the postcard and pictures!

Yeah, Aaron emailed me about where he is going. All those places sound way cool! I am so glad a lot of my friends are going on missions! I thought Logan was leaving next week! Crazy! He's probably on the plane right now! South Africa! Crazy! haha. But It's going to be so great for all those who decided to serve! I hope to hear Kyle and Charlie's mission call soon!

I can't believe Sean is almost home! Thats so insane! I bet he's freaking out a little too! He has done such a great job! I bet he's going to go so hard as a "regular missionary" during his last transfer! haha.

I've been able to see Aunt Sharon and Jeremy a little. It's cools to see them! I don't feel like I get distracted at all or anything!

The work here is still going good. We found a lot more potential investigators and the work is continuing to go forward! I am loving it more and more every day! I am really short on time today, but I'll try to give you a good update on all of our investigators next week!

Thanks for all the support and love you give, Mom! I am looking forward to Christmas whenI can talk to you! I love you and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 6: First General Conference in the Mission

Hi Mom!

So I am staying here in Encinitas. We got a call from President on Tuesday and he said I'd be getting transfered, but then he called again on Thursday and said that I wasn't... So that was weird. But I'm glad I'm staying. Or else I'd have to go and have to meet new Spanish people and speak in my poor Spanish (it's not really that bad... But I want to be fluent!... I'm like a 4 year old mexican kid. So I'm getting there! haha). So all is good!

So GC was awesome! It was one of the first that I didn't fall asleep at some point! haha. But there were a lot of great talks! It is so amazing that we have prophets and apostles of God who can lead and guide us on Earth! I really liked Elder Bednar's talk because he basically told all members to get working with the missionaries! AND THEY BETTER! We need memebers to get their friends baptized! But yeah. It was great!

Germany sounds way fun! I wish I could go on the Autobahn! haha. But all the towns and sites sound way cool! Germany is the best! No one will ever meet a Mexican who is actually white who loves Germany more than me! haha.

Thats too bad that the branch in Kassel is still small. But little by little the church will grow over there. Sometimes people just need more time to change and allow the Holy Ghost to touch their lives. The gospel is for everyone, they just need to hear it with their heart. There are a lot of hard-hearted people over here, but there is always someone being prepared by the Lord.

This week we had Loreto come to GC, and he really liked it! We've invited him to be baptized like 4 times but he's just not ready to say yes. One thing I really like about him is that his yes is for sure! So when he does say yes to the baptismal invite, it's for sure! We are expecting him to be baptized within this transfer! Our other investigator, Luiz, is making progress. We just have to go slow with him. He is great! We are actually going to commit him to baptism tonight! Whoo-hoo! So, yeah! Speaking of baptism, there was a YSA investigator who was getting interviewed by E. Smith for baptism, and he was in my second grade class! So cool! Too bad I don't have my second grade yearbook, or you could look him up! haha.

Another funny thing, we teach a less active guy who starts his prayers like "Ahhhhh-Heavenly Father," then continues in Spanish! He's great! Nothing much else has been going on. But everything is looking up. I am officially the Elder who gets the most things in the mail! Thats always good! haha. But the white sunglasses I was talking about were in my truck in the center console (I think). But those will be fine. We just drive a lot, so I need some! haha

Have fun in Germany! I love you and hope all goes well! I am always praying for you!

Elder Brian Farley