Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 9: San Diego Temple

Picture taken by cousin Jeremy! Thanks, Jer!!
Hi Mom!

That picture of me and Auraliano (LA) is funny! It looks like I have a buzz cut though! No, no, no. I like my hair. Not doing that. Hopfully I'll get more pictures on my camera soon so I can send the card and show you how my hair usually looks! haha. But I am able to talk to Jeremy, but E. Smith still gives him the look. But he can totally talk to me! I don't care. As quoted from E. Farley Sen. "If it doesn't make you trunky, it's ok!" So I feel that talking to him is ok!

Thats scripture study idea sounds great! Yeah, let me know how it goes and maybe we can impliment it here as well!
The open house is going to be great! You will have fun! We actually went to the Temple this past Wednesday! It was amazing! The San Diego Temple is really pretty! I can't believe Summer got married there! Crazy cool!

You have no idea how excited I am for the iPads! We need them! It'd make things here so much easier(or so we think... and hope)! But it'll all come in due time. I really hope I can Skype at Jeremy's house! That'd be cool! If we have the iPads by then, I'm guessing we'll be in the church... But as long as I get to Skype, I'll be happy! haha. And I'm not sure what I want for Christmas.. I'll think about it! haha

I can't believe its almost November! Crazy! We have dinners like 90% of the time with members, so that's pretty good considering there are only like 6 active families! The only times I eat with other wards is on exchanges, and those happen like 3 times a transfer because E. Smith is the DL. But the ZLs are way cool! Great missionaries who work hard and have a great time with it as well! There are great missionaries in this mission! I hope I can serve with E. Clark, Schow, or Winterhalter sometime in the future! That'd be so awesome! In the mission we have "Fathers" (Trainers), "Sons" (Trainees), and are "Born" into the mission and "Die" when the mission is over, and other stuff like that. So all my MTC bretheren are my "Pre-mortal brothers" haha. It's great. They're great Elders!

Thanks for all that you do, Mom! I miss you and love you!


Elder Brian Farley

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