Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 6: First General Conference in the Mission

Hi Mom!

So I am staying here in Encinitas. We got a call from President on Tuesday and he said I'd be getting transfered, but then he called again on Thursday and said that I wasn't... So that was weird. But I'm glad I'm staying. Or else I'd have to go and have to meet new Spanish people and speak in my poor Spanish (it's not really that bad... But I want to be fluent!... I'm like a 4 year old mexican kid. So I'm getting there! haha). So all is good!

So GC was awesome! It was one of the first that I didn't fall asleep at some point! haha. But there were a lot of great talks! It is so amazing that we have prophets and apostles of God who can lead and guide us on Earth! I really liked Elder Bednar's talk because he basically told all members to get working with the missionaries! AND THEY BETTER! We need memebers to get their friends baptized! But yeah. It was great!

Germany sounds way fun! I wish I could go on the Autobahn! haha. But all the towns and sites sound way cool! Germany is the best! No one will ever meet a Mexican who is actually white who loves Germany more than me! haha.

Thats too bad that the branch in Kassel is still small. But little by little the church will grow over there. Sometimes people just need more time to change and allow the Holy Ghost to touch their lives. The gospel is for everyone, they just need to hear it with their heart. There are a lot of hard-hearted people over here, but there is always someone being prepared by the Lord.

This week we had Loreto come to GC, and he really liked it! We've invited him to be baptized like 4 times but he's just not ready to say yes. One thing I really like about him is that his yes is for sure! So when he does say yes to the baptismal invite, it's for sure! We are expecting him to be baptized within this transfer! Our other investigator, Luiz, is making progress. We just have to go slow with him. He is great! We are actually going to commit him to baptism tonight! Whoo-hoo! So, yeah! Speaking of baptism, there was a YSA investigator who was getting interviewed by E. Smith for baptism, and he was in my second grade class! So cool! Too bad I don't have my second grade yearbook, or you could look him up! haha.

Another funny thing, we teach a less active guy who starts his prayers like "Ahhhhh-Heavenly Father," then continues in Spanish! He's great! Nothing much else has been going on. But everything is looking up. I am officially the Elder who gets the most things in the mail! Thats always good! haha. But the white sunglasses I was talking about were in my truck in the center console (I think). But those will be fine. We just drive a lot, so I need some! haha

Have fun in Germany! I love you and hope all goes well! I am always praying for you!

Elder Brian Farley

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