Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13: New Companion, Same Area!

Hey Dad,
This time of Thanksgiving has had me reflect on my blessings as well. I've had some lessons that really showed me the amplitude of the blessings I have. There are a lot of people out there that don't have a loving and supportive family, or that are having the exact opposite of that. I am so very grateful to have you and mom in my life to support me, love me and care for me. It amazes me everyday that God has blessed me this much in this life. Now my job is to share with the people here that God has so many blessing laid up in store for the people that accept his gospel and live it to the best of their ability. There have been people who told me "There is no happiness in this world." and that "there are only fake smiles and laughs", but I know that it is through the gospel that we can have true happiess. I am so grateful for your example in my life, Dad. You've been and are a huge influence of good that I could never replace. Thanks for all you do.
I am happy to hear that the Scripture Class is going well! I hope we can implement that here pretty soon! Mom told me about the plans to Kauai! Sounds fun! I know you two will have a blast over there!
I kinda figured that Belen would beat us pretty good. But FHS had an ok year. They at least made it to the playoffs and beat a higher seed!
My new comp, Elder Jensen, is a great kid! I know we're going to have a great time together! We are teaching a couple part-member families now, and I think we're are going to be having some baptisms from them soon! I am super excited! Everything here is getting better everyday. Thanks for your prayers, Dad. I love you, and hope everything continues to go well with the family!
Elder Brian Farley

Hi Mom!
So my new comp is E. Jensen. He's from Sandy, UT and he's been out about 9 months. He is way cool! We get along really well and have a blast together! He is really into getting to know the investigators and members (like what they do for work, where they're from, etc. Just being their friends. So thats good! We are teaching a few part-member families as well as our other investigators. I feel like we have a lot of potential to have a couple baptisms pretty soon too! So things are looking up!
We teach English class once a week on Tuesdays(Martes) and we have about 4 people that show up on a weekly basis. They're all from Mexico. I'd say about 90% of the people we run into are either from Mexico or Guatamala. Every once in a while you'll get Honduras or otros lugares.

We have a Thanksgiving dinner(well two, but we are only going to one) with a family from Encinitas 1st ward.  Yeah. Food is good. haha
That's way cool that you are having a lot of people over for Thanksgiving! It'll be way fun! Then off to meet up with the Parsons and Rachel, then another vacation! You and dad sure are doing a lot of fun stuff while Sean and I are gone...;) haha.
The Christmas Party in Vista sounds like it's going to be a blast! I think I'm going to sign up for the talent show too! But this time of year is always fun, no matter where you are, as long as you are with happy and loving people! I guess the only things I can think of getting would be a flashdrive (If you haven't sent that yet) and maybe a new belt? I am pretty low-maintenance;) haha
Sounds like you've got some fun stuff going on! I like Summer's new dog! But to me the name is Cinder she(ella) Pumpkin. haha. I can't believe Ty is almost home! But thats way cool! How many missionaries are out from our ward? Like 6? Thats way cool!
I'll definitely get a new suit here pretty soon! I am excited to talk to you at Christmas! It'll be great! And we already have Christmas lights up. So we're festive too;) haha.
I hope all goes well for you this next week! I love you and can't wait to "see" you in a month!
Elder Brian Farley

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 12: Transfers! I'm staying in Encinitas 2nd Branch

Hi Mom!

How did Jeremy find out? haha. But yes, I'm staying! YAY! I don't know who my comp will be or where E. Smith is off to. So I'll let you know all the details next week. Hopefully the suspense isn't too much for you;) But yeah, transfers are super exciting! I am ready to learn from another experienced missionary and work hard with him!

I am a little sad that it doesnt snow here... But I'm doing my best with having the Holiday Spirit! We have that "sugar-vanilla" air freshener in the car, and I am listening to the Christmas music already! It's not too soon;) I hope it gets colder here though! I don't think I will need any sweaters out here. I'm still going around in short sleeve shirts! haha. The only times I wear long sleeve shirts is on Sunday. But I think I'll need a couple new short sleeve shirts by Christmas. And it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new suit soon as well. I had to sew a little a few days ago to keep my pants alive.

I definitely agree with Bro Webb that people need to have a true testimony of Joseph Smith (Jose Smish;) before they are baptized. And in addition, a spiritual testimony of the Book of Mormon. Without these things, we will most likely fall away from the Church when hard times come. I've seen that a lot in some of the less-active members we visit. Conversion is what people need to experience. The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) outlines the way for us to truly experience conversion, and to continue to experience it. I believe it was Elder Bednar who said conversion isn't a "one and done", but rather a process that takes time. I know that conversion is a life-long process that we all must continually work to experience. I am becomeing more deeply converted each and every day. I love this gospel!!

I think I'll be sending an SD card here pretty soon. I have a decent amount of pictures. A lot of pictures of food I've made... haha. I'll send it soon!

I am a little bit jealous of all you vacationing... Just kidding!;) haha

We still dont have any word with the iPads, but I bet they'll be here soon. Our investigators have a few baptismal dates set up, but we still need to work with them more. I'll let you know when there is something really set!

Thanks for all you help and support, Mom! I am so happy that we have the gospel in our lives! It is such a blessing! I love you and miss you!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 11: 22 Investigators Now!!

Hi Mom!

Wow! It sounds like you are doing a lot back home! You just do a great job with everything, so everyone wants you to do things for them! haha. Sister Kendrick told me that you called her and were the first person to ask to help with Christmas! She was telling me how much she appreciated that! The missionaries in the ward sound great! Hopfully there are a lot more baptisms soon!

I saw Sister Wattles at the last transfer meeting, but I wasn't able to talk to her. I probably won't for a while becasue she won't be at the next transfer meeting, and E. Smith and I are the only Spanish speakers in the zone. Maybe someday I'll meet her haha.

The weekend sounds like it went well! Mission Prep is way cool! I hope more kids get involved! That class is so awesome! People don't even know how much it helps for the field! If only they taught Spanish too;) haha. No, Spanish is going good. All the members are amazed I have only been speaking it for about 4 months! So I guess I'm doing well.

Thats too bad about Jacob's comp. I know he's working hard though. It's too bad to see and hear about kids who are on a mission and don't have a testimony. Or who haven't gained a testimony while being out in the field. Jacob is strong, though. I don't doubt he'll help that missionary out a ton!

Things here are going good. Our investigators are alright, but we are planning on dropping two of them. But it's ok, because we have 22 investigators now!! Crazy! The problem is that we can never find a time to meet with them, or they just aren't home when we go to their house! A little annoying, but thats missionary work;) haha. We have a couple pretty solid families though, so that will hopfully go somewhere!

As for Spanish, I can understand like 95% of all that is said, and I can say about 75% of what I want to say. I just can't express Everything I want to say. It's ok though. Poco a poco;)

I did get the box! Thank you! I honestly can't think of what I want for Christmas... Sorry! haha. They only request I'd make is a flashdrive, but I may just buy one out here. But thanks so much for all you do! I know that missionary work is the greatest thing there is, and that the Lord will bless us so much if we bring souls unto Him! I love you and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 10: Trunk or Treat with Encinitas 2nd Branch

Hi Mom!

A temple trip after my mission would be way fun! We only get to go to the SD Temple 3 times a year, so I'll have 5 more temple trips on my mission! Yay! Thats great you had a good time at the temple open house in Phoenix! Also that you were able to see Hna Dreiling! I haven't emailed her because I don't have time. That's really the truth! haha. And I don't even remember what we talked about in the CCM, but I only remember her talking about a "mission reunion."

The whole thing with the iPads is still unknown to us. All we know is that we might get them in December or in January. Nothing else. I hope we don't have to buy them and that they just stay in the mission! I just don't want to have the problem of getting the money out there and what not. Just too much of a hassle. But speaking of hassles, the life of MP's must be exhausting! I have learned in the past few weeks that there are a lot of little things that missionaries do, or that need to be kept track of. There seems to be a lot of mission drama too. Like everyone puts on a face when leadership is in the room instead of always acting dignified and just being oneself. I don't know. I just thought people would be cool in the mission field, not cause problems, work hard, and be themselves. I'm not saying everyone is like that, but just that it happens more than I had previously expected.

I had a good time at the Trunk or Treat! It was really fun, and I felt like I could just go to a ward activity and just have a good time with the members! It was good just being able to talk to Jeremy a little and being cool with it. The thing is, is if missionaries abuse a situation things go wrong. If they handle it like a missionary, things will always go well. There are some missionaries who do a great job with every situation, and some others that don't. I'm just trying my hardest to be dignified, and personable at the same time. If I do that, I know everything will go well!

Time does fly, though! I feel like I've been out for a long time, but at the same time I feel like I just got out here. A couple more weeks and I'll hit the 4 month mark! Crazy! But everything is going well here. We have 4 new investigators on date for baptism! I'm so excited! We just need to find the time to meet with them! Mexican people are always so busy! But I have faith! That is basically the biggest thing thats happened this week. That, and we've talked to many drunk Mexicans! haha! But all is well here! Keep doing what you can with the missionary work in the Ward! I love you!

Elder Brian Farley

Hey Dad,
The Halloween Party was great! We weren't able to stay that long, but it was really good. Spanish is going good. I'm not 100% fluent yet, but I think I'll be decent at Christmas! So far we have like 11 investigators! 2 families and a few others. But one of the families is set on a date for baptism! Awesome! We just need to meet with them more! But the area is doing well. We have a lot to go off of, and we've met with a lot of cool people! Also, the branch is helping out more and more! I really hope they invite more of their friends and increase the size of the branch!

With transfers, I really don't know. I mean, there is a good chance that I'll stay, but who knows... I really hope I stay! Although the work is still pretty slow for Spanish work, I love this area!
I'm happy to hear that Phoenix was fun! Mom filled me in a lot about that trip and meeting up with Hna Dreiling.

Thats too bad that the team isn't doing too well. But all in all, it doesn't matter.
Thanks for all the update, Dad! I'm happy to hear that the work in the ward has improved and that the missionaries are ready to work! I'm also excited to see how the different classes go!
I am so happy that I have your support out here. I realize more everyday how truly blessed I am in my life. Thanks for all you do for me, Dad.

Elder Brian Farley