Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 11: 22 Investigators Now!!

Hi Mom!

Wow! It sounds like you are doing a lot back home! You just do a great job with everything, so everyone wants you to do things for them! haha. Sister Kendrick told me that you called her and were the first person to ask to help with Christmas! She was telling me how much she appreciated that! The missionaries in the ward sound great! Hopfully there are a lot more baptisms soon!

I saw Sister Wattles at the last transfer meeting, but I wasn't able to talk to her. I probably won't for a while becasue she won't be at the next transfer meeting, and E. Smith and I are the only Spanish speakers in the zone. Maybe someday I'll meet her haha.

The weekend sounds like it went well! Mission Prep is way cool! I hope more kids get involved! That class is so awesome! People don't even know how much it helps for the field! If only they taught Spanish too;) haha. No, Spanish is going good. All the members are amazed I have only been speaking it for about 4 months! So I guess I'm doing well.

Thats too bad about Jacob's comp. I know he's working hard though. It's too bad to see and hear about kids who are on a mission and don't have a testimony. Or who haven't gained a testimony while being out in the field. Jacob is strong, though. I don't doubt he'll help that missionary out a ton!

Things here are going good. Our investigators are alright, but we are planning on dropping two of them. But it's ok, because we have 22 investigators now!! Crazy! The problem is that we can never find a time to meet with them, or they just aren't home when we go to their house! A little annoying, but thats missionary work;) haha. We have a couple pretty solid families though, so that will hopfully go somewhere!

As for Spanish, I can understand like 95% of all that is said, and I can say about 75% of what I want to say. I just can't express Everything I want to say. It's ok though. Poco a poco;)

I did get the box! Thank you! I honestly can't think of what I want for Christmas... Sorry! haha. They only request I'd make is a flashdrive, but I may just buy one out here. But thanks so much for all you do! I know that missionary work is the greatest thing there is, and that the Lord will bless us so much if we bring souls unto Him! I love you and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

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