Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 12: Transfers! I'm staying in Encinitas 2nd Branch

Hi Mom!

How did Jeremy find out? haha. But yes, I'm staying! YAY! I don't know who my comp will be or where E. Smith is off to. So I'll let you know all the details next week. Hopefully the suspense isn't too much for you;) But yeah, transfers are super exciting! I am ready to learn from another experienced missionary and work hard with him!

I am a little sad that it doesnt snow here... But I'm doing my best with having the Holiday Spirit! We have that "sugar-vanilla" air freshener in the car, and I am listening to the Christmas music already! It's not too soon;) I hope it gets colder here though! I don't think I will need any sweaters out here. I'm still going around in short sleeve shirts! haha. The only times I wear long sleeve shirts is on Sunday. But I think I'll need a couple new short sleeve shirts by Christmas. And it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new suit soon as well. I had to sew a little a few days ago to keep my pants alive.

I definitely agree with Bro Webb that people need to have a true testimony of Joseph Smith (Jose Smish;) before they are baptized. And in addition, a spiritual testimony of the Book of Mormon. Without these things, we will most likely fall away from the Church when hard times come. I've seen that a lot in some of the less-active members we visit. Conversion is what people need to experience. The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) outlines the way for us to truly experience conversion, and to continue to experience it. I believe it was Elder Bednar who said conversion isn't a "one and done", but rather a process that takes time. I know that conversion is a life-long process that we all must continually work to experience. I am becomeing more deeply converted each and every day. I love this gospel!!

I think I'll be sending an SD card here pretty soon. I have a decent amount of pictures. A lot of pictures of food I've made... haha. I'll send it soon!

I am a little bit jealous of all you vacationing... Just kidding!;) haha

We still dont have any word with the iPads, but I bet they'll be here soon. Our investigators have a few baptismal dates set up, but we still need to work with them more. I'll let you know when there is something really set!

Thanks for all you help and support, Mom! I am so happy that we have the gospel in our lives! It is such a blessing! I love you and miss you!

Elder Brian Farley

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