Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 18: Christmas In Encinitas

Hi Mom!

Skyping was great! Elder Jensen was able to talk to his family, but I didn't meet them because he was Skyping on the other computer at the same time.

I got a few letters for Christmas from some members in the ward as well as a package from Sabrina for Christmas/Birthday. We went to In n Out with a member, but she didn't know it was my birthday, but we also went and taught A. and she bought me a little cake and chocolates! She's super cool! It was a good birthday!:) And my pillowcase is awesome! Super random, but awesome! Thanks for all the gifts!

The Christmas Devo was really good though! I did two things: first, I sang a little part with the zone, and I did a lip syncing 'talent.' E. Pumphrey and I lip synced for some sisters in our zone. We sang a parody to "Girl on Fire." It was pretty good! The devotional itself was very good! It was super spiritual and amazing! On Christmas day we went and ate dinner with P. as well. She told her older children that shes going to get baptized and E. Jensen and I jokingly said "Que? Cuando? No sabiamos eso!" She just needs to take a leap of faith now and push past the feeling of being unprepared, because she truly is prepared!

Sounds like the missionary work is going great in Ftown! I am glad to hear that! Is Tyler a ward missionary yet? Sean probably will be one for a while too, huh?;) That's so crazy that Sean only has like 3 weeks left!! Also crazy that there are so many people getting married!! I feel old! haha;)

No baptism fechas yet. But I'm sure P. and A. will get baptized soon. I won't be there to see it sadly, because I'm getting transferred No idea where, but I know it'll be great! I'm going to miss my birthplace of Del Mar and E. Jensen, but I know my next area and comp will be great! That's the thing about a mission, everything is great! Sometimes we just need to change our perspective a little. It's truly the same thing with life in general. The Lord is always trying to help us become better and I know that when we follow His plan, everything will turn out right! I love you and hope all continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley

Brian was transferred on Tuesday to San Marcos/Escondido - He is serving in the El Norte Ward along with 11 other Missionaries!  We will find out who his new companion is next Monday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Week 17: Brian's 19th Birthday in Encinitas!

Elder Farley "made" Cake!
Hi Mom!

I know! Crazy stuff that I'm 19! But I'm still a teen!

We will be getting to his house around 11, so we can Skype around 12 with Sean and that'll work for me!

I got all the Birthday presents and cards and WOW! I got a lot of stuff! I almost feel bad for getting so much because the other Elders didn't really get too much... But I am super grateful for all!

Sounds like every went well at Tylers homecoming! It's going to be crazy to see him again after about a year and a half! Thats way cool that Hailey is going to Brazil! I am glad Scotty is proud of his part of the house! He and Sean will have a great time seeing movies again!

All us Elders are doing great!

Sounds like Christmas is going to be a fun one this year! I'll talk to you soon! Love you!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 16: Christmas Party at the Branch!

Hi Mom!

So this week was super fun! (We worked hard, but it was fun too!) We had a great exchange with the other Elders in my district and I learned a lot about how to be an effective leader! It's a lot more than just telling people what is wrong and giving ways to fix it. In fact, it's almost not like that at all. That's like slapping a little band-aid on the problem. Its also more than just setting a good example. People may see how well you are doing, but without motivation, help, instruction, etc., they won't always improve. The gospel is centered on love, and that's what a leader should show the most. By loving those you serve and lead, you can truly get to the source of the lack of success and know exactly what to do to help them improve. Often times, by fixing one problem at the source many others are fixed as well. But the only way to find these problems (may they be anything from a lack of unity between companions, or personal struggles) is through sincere love. I feel this concept works in any aspect of like, really. That is the kind of leader I hope to become.

Guess WHO?? By the size of the guess is it must be a Farley!
Later in the week we had our Branch Christmas party! It was super fun! We helped set up and it all looked great! We ate, had a pinata(and put it on afterward), danced (as much as we were allowed to), and Santa came!! We also had a couple of our investigators come too! (A. is our investigator whose daughter is about to be baptized and P. is the other one that came. Both are part-members) We even stayed out until 9:15. *"Cops" theme song* haha.

Another awesome thing that's going to happen is that later today we are going to the Temple!! Not inside, but to see the lights for a branch FHE! We are also going with A. and P.! Yay! It's going to be a blast! I love Christmas time! Oh, and P-day next week is going to be on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day,  I think we'd be able to Skype around 1. I'll find out for sure this week and let you know on Christmas Eve! I think I'll get about an hour. This is going to be a little tight! haha

It's crazy that Tyler is getting home today!! Let me know how everything is with him! I am sure Scotty is excited about his new office! He deserves it!

I don't really think about transfers at all. But my guess is that I'll stay here one more transfer. It's really quite random here with how long missionaries are in an area. Sometimes up to like 7 or 8 months, sometimes 1 transfer, it all depends.

But we are still struggling to get SET appointments, but we are getting more phone numbers to follow up, so I think that'll improve pretty quick! I am still super stoked to be out here and super happy I am in the Carlsbad Mission!

Who's bad? CARLSBAD!

Love you! Hope all continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley
PS:  I found the Tree of Life!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 15: We've Got Roomies!

Hi Mom!

Wow! Lots of fun stuff happened in Hawaii! That's way cool that you and Dad had a great time! But it seems just like your luck to have a lot of overcast days;) Next time the Tornows go to Hawaii you should let them know of all the fun places we've gone to!

The baby blessing was really great! Church for them starts at 9:00, and we got there at 9:05. Then the blessing was at like 9:08! Just made it! haha. It was really a great experience though! I agree that probably not too many people have had that as their first baby blessing!

Yeah, we already have a tree... But the more the merrier! haha. We have a 5 hour Christmas Eve party with the mission, so it'll be a fun week;)

So E. Boehme and Shrade, the Farsi Elders, had to move in with us because their appt. lease was about to expire and they are moving in with a member in January. So they moved in with us for the transfer! Boehme is about a year out and was called to speak farsi last transfer until the end of his mission. E. Schrade was called about 7 months ago to speak it and has like 3 transfers left. They only have a few things to use to learn it, so it's going slow. But they aren't going to ever leave Del Mar or their ward until they go home! Crazy! But they are both way cool! They still do English work too.

I can't believe Sean only has one transfer left! Crazy! And Tyler is home now, right? Time truly does fly! Especially thinking about how State was a year ago! It's weird though, because I don't feel like time has flown by on my mission thus far. It feels like I've been out for about the time I have, but I know that my time is limited, so I don't feel like I've been out forever either. It's a weird and hard to explain feeling, but that's what it is.

We are trying to work more with part-member families, and are having success so far. One of our investigators received her answer to be baptized too!!! We are teaching her tomorrow and are going to set a date! I'm so excited! One of our investigator's daughters is getting baptized this next week(YSA), so we are hoping that will motivate her to be baptized as well! Super exciting stuff happening!

This past weekend we've ushering for a Christmas concert that has been put on by the Del Mar Stake. It was really well done for only one stake! But we met some potentials and hope to get some new investigators through it! That concert is something I'd like to attend after my mission! It was way good!

With Christmas calls, I think I'm just going to have to find a member with the right stuff and have them let you know what time I'll be on. I may even use the members account. But that's how it'll be done.

I also got the Birthday box! Thanks! (I haven't opened it yet)

Thanks for all the support you've given me! I love you and hope all is going well!


Elder Brian Farley

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 14: Thanksgiving 2014

Hi mis padres!

The pictures of Hawaii look great! Sounds like a lot of fun too! I'm pretty sure Dad and I went on the Sleeping Giant hike last time, right? I remember it was really cool! Do a sunrise hike! That'd be cool! There seems to always be something new to do in Hawaii. When I get home we need to take a trip there, and also Mexico. (Because I'll be fluent;).

Thanksgiving sounds like it went well for you! We started by playing in a Turkey Bowl with some of the English wards here (because Mexicans always work here...Oh and my team won!;) Then we hung out, set up more Christmas decorations, and relaxed until dinner. Then we went to dinner with the Orme family. I think they sent a picture of us to you. And then we prossed (went proselyting) until the end of the day! So it went well!

I thought I told Sabrina to text you and ask for things to do in Hawaii, but maybe I didn't. But yeah, I remember there being a lot of tourists in Waikiki. It's pretty crazy there. I was thinking it'd be funny if you ran into each other in Hawaii!

I am good with supplies for English class! We always have enough to teach! We just hand out papers and they take down notes from the things we write on the chalkboard. It's way fun every time!

I did get the big box! Thanks! I like the calendar too! It reminds me of what we have at home! Thanks for all the packages! I feel like the most loved missionary here! Everyone is always like "Farley, you always get packages... You've gotten more packages than I have my whole mission!" So I am indeed grateful!:)

Recently we've had a lot of good things happening with recent convert/part-member families. We are trying to keep the appointments from falling through, but it's a real challenge with Spanish work. But I know they more we work with them, the better things will get! The work is tough, but I will always be tougher and work harder! I am amazed of how much I've learned and grown thus far, and am excited to learn more, and continue to help others come unto Christ! This is truly the best work there is.

I love you and hope you two have a great vacation!

Elder Brian Farley

ps. no news on skyping. I'll find out though!