Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13: New Companion, Same Area!

Hey Dad,
This time of Thanksgiving has had me reflect on my blessings as well. I've had some lessons that really showed me the amplitude of the blessings I have. There are a lot of people out there that don't have a loving and supportive family, or that are having the exact opposite of that. I am so very grateful to have you and mom in my life to support me, love me and care for me. It amazes me everyday that God has blessed me this much in this life. Now my job is to share with the people here that God has so many blessing laid up in store for the people that accept his gospel and live it to the best of their ability. There have been people who told me "There is no happiness in this world." and that "there are only fake smiles and laughs", but I know that it is through the gospel that we can have true happiess. I am so grateful for your example in my life, Dad. You've been and are a huge influence of good that I could never replace. Thanks for all you do.
I am happy to hear that the Scripture Class is going well! I hope we can implement that here pretty soon! Mom told me about the plans to Kauai! Sounds fun! I know you two will have a blast over there!
I kinda figured that Belen would beat us pretty good. But FHS had an ok year. They at least made it to the playoffs and beat a higher seed!
My new comp, Elder Jensen, is a great kid! I know we're going to have a great time together! We are teaching a couple part-member families now, and I think we're are going to be having some baptisms from them soon! I am super excited! Everything here is getting better everyday. Thanks for your prayers, Dad. I love you, and hope everything continues to go well with the family!
Elder Brian Farley

Hi Mom!
So my new comp is E. Jensen. He's from Sandy, UT and he's been out about 9 months. He is way cool! We get along really well and have a blast together! He is really into getting to know the investigators and members (like what they do for work, where they're from, etc. Just being their friends. So thats good! We are teaching a few part-member families as well as our other investigators. I feel like we have a lot of potential to have a couple baptisms pretty soon too! So things are looking up!
We teach English class once a week on Tuesdays(Martes) and we have about 4 people that show up on a weekly basis. They're all from Mexico. I'd say about 90% of the people we run into are either from Mexico or Guatamala. Every once in a while you'll get Honduras or otros lugares.

We have a Thanksgiving dinner(well two, but we are only going to one) with a family from Encinitas 1st ward.  Yeah. Food is good. haha
That's way cool that you are having a lot of people over for Thanksgiving! It'll be way fun! Then off to meet up with the Parsons and Rachel, then another vacation! You and dad sure are doing a lot of fun stuff while Sean and I are gone...;) haha.
The Christmas Party in Vista sounds like it's going to be a blast! I think I'm going to sign up for the talent show too! But this time of year is always fun, no matter where you are, as long as you are with happy and loving people! I guess the only things I can think of getting would be a flashdrive (If you haven't sent that yet) and maybe a new belt? I am pretty low-maintenance;) haha
Sounds like you've got some fun stuff going on! I like Summer's new dog! But to me the name is Cinder she(ella) Pumpkin. haha. I can't believe Ty is almost home! But thats way cool! How many missionaries are out from our ward? Like 6? Thats way cool!
I'll definitely get a new suit here pretty soon! I am excited to talk to you at Christmas! It'll be great! And we already have Christmas lights up. So we're festive too;) haha.
I hope all goes well for you this next week! I love you and can't wait to "see" you in a month!
Elder Brian Farley

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