Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 14: Thanksgiving 2014

Hi mis padres!

The pictures of Hawaii look great! Sounds like a lot of fun too! I'm pretty sure Dad and I went on the Sleeping Giant hike last time, right? I remember it was really cool! Do a sunrise hike! That'd be cool! There seems to always be something new to do in Hawaii. When I get home we need to take a trip there, and also Mexico. (Because I'll be fluent;).

Thanksgiving sounds like it went well for you! We started by playing in a Turkey Bowl with some of the English wards here (because Mexicans always work here...Oh and my team won!;) Then we hung out, set up more Christmas decorations, and relaxed until dinner. Then we went to dinner with the Orme family. I think they sent a picture of us to you. And then we prossed (went proselyting) until the end of the day! So it went well!

I thought I told Sabrina to text you and ask for things to do in Hawaii, but maybe I didn't. But yeah, I remember there being a lot of tourists in Waikiki. It's pretty crazy there. I was thinking it'd be funny if you ran into each other in Hawaii!

I am good with supplies for English class! We always have enough to teach! We just hand out papers and they take down notes from the things we write on the chalkboard. It's way fun every time!

I did get the big box! Thanks! I like the calendar too! It reminds me of what we have at home! Thanks for all the packages! I feel like the most loved missionary here! Everyone is always like "Farley, you always get packages... You've gotten more packages than I have my whole mission!" So I am indeed grateful!:)

Recently we've had a lot of good things happening with recent convert/part-member families. We are trying to keep the appointments from falling through, but it's a real challenge with Spanish work. But I know they more we work with them, the better things will get! The work is tough, but I will always be tougher and work harder! I am amazed of how much I've learned and grown thus far, and am excited to learn more, and continue to help others come unto Christ! This is truly the best work there is.

I love you and hope you two have a great vacation!

Elder Brian Farley

ps. no news on skyping. I'll find out though!

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