Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 15: We've Got Roomies!

Hi Mom!

Wow! Lots of fun stuff happened in Hawaii! That's way cool that you and Dad had a great time! But it seems just like your luck to have a lot of overcast days;) Next time the Tornows go to Hawaii you should let them know of all the fun places we've gone to!

The baby blessing was really great! Church for them starts at 9:00, and we got there at 9:05. Then the blessing was at like 9:08! Just made it! haha. It was really a great experience though! I agree that probably not too many people have had that as their first baby blessing!

Yeah, we already have a tree... But the more the merrier! haha. We have a 5 hour Christmas Eve party with the mission, so it'll be a fun week;)

So E. Boehme and Shrade, the Farsi Elders, had to move in with us because their appt. lease was about to expire and they are moving in with a member in January. So they moved in with us for the transfer! Boehme is about a year out and was called to speak farsi last transfer until the end of his mission. E. Schrade was called about 7 months ago to speak it and has like 3 transfers left. They only have a few things to use to learn it, so it's going slow. But they aren't going to ever leave Del Mar or their ward until they go home! Crazy! But they are both way cool! They still do English work too.

I can't believe Sean only has one transfer left! Crazy! And Tyler is home now, right? Time truly does fly! Especially thinking about how State was a year ago! It's weird though, because I don't feel like time has flown by on my mission thus far. It feels like I've been out for about the time I have, but I know that my time is limited, so I don't feel like I've been out forever either. It's a weird and hard to explain feeling, but that's what it is.

We are trying to work more with part-member families, and are having success so far. One of our investigators received her answer to be baptized too!!! We are teaching her tomorrow and are going to set a date! I'm so excited! One of our investigator's daughters is getting baptized this next week(YSA), so we are hoping that will motivate her to be baptized as well! Super exciting stuff happening!

This past weekend we've ushering for a Christmas concert that has been put on by the Del Mar Stake. It was really well done for only one stake! But we met some potentials and hope to get some new investigators through it! That concert is something I'd like to attend after my mission! It was way good!

With Christmas calls, I think I'm just going to have to find a member with the right stuff and have them let you know what time I'll be on. I may even use the members account. But that's how it'll be done.

I also got the Birthday box! Thanks! (I haven't opened it yet)

Thanks for all the support you've given me! I love you and hope all is going well!


Elder Brian Farley

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