Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 16: Christmas Party at the Branch!

Hi Mom!

So this week was super fun! (We worked hard, but it was fun too!) We had a great exchange with the other Elders in my district and I learned a lot about how to be an effective leader! It's a lot more than just telling people what is wrong and giving ways to fix it. In fact, it's almost not like that at all. That's like slapping a little band-aid on the problem. Its also more than just setting a good example. People may see how well you are doing, but without motivation, help, instruction, etc., they won't always improve. The gospel is centered on love, and that's what a leader should show the most. By loving those you serve and lead, you can truly get to the source of the lack of success and know exactly what to do to help them improve. Often times, by fixing one problem at the source many others are fixed as well. But the only way to find these problems (may they be anything from a lack of unity between companions, or personal struggles) is through sincere love. I feel this concept works in any aspect of like, really. That is the kind of leader I hope to become.

Guess WHO?? By the size of the guess is it must be a Farley!
Later in the week we had our Branch Christmas party! It was super fun! We helped set up and it all looked great! We ate, had a pinata(and put it on afterward), danced (as much as we were allowed to), and Santa came!! We also had a couple of our investigators come too! (A. is our investigator whose daughter is about to be baptized and P. is the other one that came. Both are part-members) We even stayed out until 9:15. *"Cops" theme song* haha.

Another awesome thing that's going to happen is that later today we are going to the Temple!! Not inside, but to see the lights for a branch FHE! We are also going with A. and P.! Yay! It's going to be a blast! I love Christmas time! Oh, and P-day next week is going to be on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day,  I think we'd be able to Skype around 1. I'll find out for sure this week and let you know on Christmas Eve! I think I'll get about an hour. This is going to be a little tight! haha

It's crazy that Tyler is getting home today!! Let me know how everything is with him! I am sure Scotty is excited about his new office! He deserves it!

I don't really think about transfers at all. But my guess is that I'll stay here one more transfer. It's really quite random here with how long missionaries are in an area. Sometimes up to like 7 or 8 months, sometimes 1 transfer, it all depends.

But we are still struggling to get SET appointments, but we are getting more phone numbers to follow up, so I think that'll improve pretty quick! I am still super stoked to be out here and super happy I am in the Carlsbad Mission!

Who's bad? CARLSBAD!

Love you! Hope all continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley
PS:  I found the Tree of Life!!

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