Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 18: Christmas In Encinitas

Hi Mom!

Skyping was great! Elder Jensen was able to talk to his family, but I didn't meet them because he was Skyping on the other computer at the same time.

I got a few letters for Christmas from some members in the ward as well as a package from Sabrina for Christmas/Birthday. We went to In n Out with a member, but she didn't know it was my birthday, but we also went and taught A. and she bought me a little cake and chocolates! She's super cool! It was a good birthday!:) And my pillowcase is awesome! Super random, but awesome! Thanks for all the gifts!

The Christmas Devo was really good though! I did two things: first, I sang a little part with the zone, and I did a lip syncing 'talent.' E. Pumphrey and I lip synced for some sisters in our zone. We sang a parody to "Girl on Fire." It was pretty good! The devotional itself was very good! It was super spiritual and amazing! On Christmas day we went and ate dinner with P. as well. She told her older children that shes going to get baptized and E. Jensen and I jokingly said "Que? Cuando? No sabiamos eso!" She just needs to take a leap of faith now and push past the feeling of being unprepared, because she truly is prepared!

Sounds like the missionary work is going great in Ftown! I am glad to hear that! Is Tyler a ward missionary yet? Sean probably will be one for a while too, huh?;) That's so crazy that Sean only has like 3 weeks left!! Also crazy that there are so many people getting married!! I feel old! haha;)

No baptism fechas yet. But I'm sure P. and A. will get baptized soon. I won't be there to see it sadly, because I'm getting transferred No idea where, but I know it'll be great! I'm going to miss my birthplace of Del Mar and E. Jensen, but I know my next area and comp will be great! That's the thing about a mission, everything is great! Sometimes we just need to change our perspective a little. It's truly the same thing with life in general. The Lord is always trying to help us become better and I know that when we follow His plan, everything will turn out right! I love you and hope all continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley

Brian was transferred on Tuesday to San Marcos/Escondido - He is serving in the El Norte Ward along with 11 other Missionaries!  We will find out who his new companion is next Monday!

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