Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 22: I'm All Alone!

Elder Farley and Elder Schow
Hi Mom!

It's definitely weird being EF1 now (or do I stay EF2? I don't know how the ranking system works;). Sounds like Sean's return home was a bit like the elder from the movie "The RM" haha. That's good that he got home safe and sound! I heard a lot of good things about his talk on Sunday, so that's good!

Your week sounds like it was very busy, but good at the same time. I think busy weeks are good because at the end of them you can look back and see what a difference you made in such a short amount of time! Maybe it feels like that more in missionary work, but I think the same reasoning applies! haha.

Seeing that picture of Sean and Tyler together is so crazy! It's just like other pictures of them, but they look older and more like men! It's weird that it's already been two years... But how is Sean adjusting? I would expect that the first week would be pretty crazy for him and a bit odd to get used to. Missionary life is so much different from normal life, you know? Although, Sean's mission seems to be a bit more lenient on the rules compared to mine. Nonetheless, it's a big change.

Esco is alright. We aren't seeing too much success, but we're keeping our heads up. We have found some pretty good potential this past week, but we just need to follow up and make something happen! No new investigators... It's weird, because I feel like we had at least 1 new investigator every week in Del Mar. Then again, Del Mar is huge compared to my area now. But I am healthy, and Spanish is going great! I am making good use of that book you got me!

The experiences this week aren't too significant, but they are funny. So apparently a flock of owls (I don't know what a group of owls are called... Probably not a herd either!) And they are super creepy! There is one in a tree right outside our apartment and it hoots at us all night! One flew right over my head a couple nights ago too! I feel like I'm in some sketchy woods when I hear them! haha. Also, the members struggle saying Farley for some reason, so I've been looking for an apodo (nickname) for a little while. I think one that's sticking pretty well is "Ferrari" haha. Another sister in church referred to me as the elder "mas guapo" as well haha. I really like the members out here! Also, I was able to get my suit today! That's about it for the stories though.

Elder Schow (from the MTC) is the Elder with me in the picture sis. Jacox sent you.

Thanks for all the support you give me! I love you and hope all goes well at home for you!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 21: Soy Mexicano!

"A Goose!"
Hey Mom!

So we already have the car back, but the ignition is still acting up sometimes. We have to give it a few tries to make it work. But for getting to church we just got a member to take us.

I definitely got the package! I like all the 1/4 and 6 month references;) haha. Also, the pictures were great too! At first I though "Why did they take a picture next to a sign and then put references to 'BUMP'?" but then I realized the sign already said 'BUMP'... Very funny though! I was already able to use some of the quarters for laundry! So once again, you were inspired to give me things! Elder Jensen was fully convinced that his mom received revelation for him, and I think it's the same with you for me! So thanks! haha.

That's interesting that you always have some connection to me and my area! I think it must be a tender mercy so you can spy on me! haha. With dinner, it's usually members, and we have a set dinner almost every day of the week. Certain members feed us regularly, and we don't have a set dinner on like two days of the week. I think it's Friday and Saturday. I don't know if we'd be able to eat with the white folk. We like our Mexican food!;) Speaking of eating Mexican food, E. Schoof, Martin(a RC) and I ate a chili that's spicier than a habanero at a members house at dinner! I thought I was going to die from the heat for a few minutes, but I survived! haha. And now I can say "Soy Mexicano"! We go back to that house this week, I believe, so I'm most likely going to have to eat another!

It's so crazy that I'll be the only missionary out tomorrow night! I'm happy that Sean had such a great mission! He's a super great influence for me! I know he's going to be a very successful man in the future! I just hope he doesn't get hitched too quick! haha;)

I'm running out of time here in the library, but all is going well here. Things are a bit slow and what not, but I have faith that we can see miracles here! I'm all good with supplies and what not! I'll try to get a suit here pretty soon! P-day is always too busy! haha. Thanks for your love and support! I love you and hope all is going great!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 20: Six Months Down!

Hi Mom,

The weather is still pretty good here. Give it another month and a half and I'll
be cooking! haha. So E. Schooff backed into a pole on our first day together...
Yes, we back each other out, but it all happened so fast that there was nothing
I could do... So now the car is in the shop and we are full-time walk and bike!
Yaaaaayyyy.... kinda... Speaking of the car, we had a really cool miracle this
week. It was last Monday and we were picking up the Elders with which we have a
car share. We turned off the car to go get them, and came back to find that the
car wouldn't start. To make things worse, the car dashboard told us to check the
engine, the power steering, the battery, and everything else! So nothing but the
lights were working. We were trying different things, like checking under the
hood, and turning the key multiple times, but nothing was working so we decided
to say a prayer. I offered a simple prayer asking to make the car work, and put
the keys in the ignition. I turned the key and the car started up with no
problem! We all we very grateful and humbled because of this experience. We
truly cannot do anything without the Lord.

We aren't really "home teacher missionaries" but it just feels like it due to
the high concentration of LA members. It's great and all, but the I really want
to use more of our time finding the people who need the gospel right now. We
have a dinner everyday except for some Sundays, so we're good with that! I
haven't met the Jacox's yet. How do you know them again?

I left one long sleeve shirt because it was trashed. I don't need any clothes or
supplies at this point. I got the box with my pants, so all is well! haha.

 I knew you'd have a countdown for these next couple weeks.

Sounds like the work is going great in F-Town! I'm sure Tyler and Sean will help
it all continue to go well! So far, I've heard nothing with Petra.

It's crazy to me that I've been out 6 months already. Other missionaries would
say "Six months is nothing!!" and I know it's not much, but it's just gone by
really fast so far. I'll be sure to work hard the remaining 18! Its a blast, and
I'll love it until the end! I hope you have a great week! I love you and miss
you too!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 19: Esco Zone of San Marcos

Where we did a service project. Oh, I cut down an olive tree with a machete!!! So cool!
Hi Mom,

These guys email super fast so I don't have a bunch of time. But it was way good to see you and the family last week! The devotional was really fun and E. Pumphry isn't Spanish. He's still in my zone here in Esco  though! I know I need to take more pictures of the people I teach and what not, but I'm trying!

My new companion is Elder Brian Schooff, he is a good guy!

You have a lot of questions mama... But it's all good.

So it is a bit crazy at church with so many missionaries, but the work is split up pretty well by area. Our area is like a quarter of San Marcos, but we have only 3 active member families and like 8 less-active... So we are the "home teaching missionaries" in the ward;) haha. No snow in San Marcos, but I saw some snow in the mountains while heading to a service activity. Elder Creason took my place in Del Mar and I took his place in Esco. He's going to die where he was born! Crazy stuff!

Transfers work like this:
1. Grab all of your stuff that you can fit into all you bags, while trying to look like you aren't taking too much stuff.
2. Put it in a member's car and have them drive you to the transfer meeting in Vista.
3. Have the transfer meeting, and get you new comp.
4. Put all your bags in the members car and have them drive you to your new area!
5. Unpack and repeat in 6weeks-6months.

This last week we only taught less-active members. But we have a few set appointments this week, so I'll let you know about the gators next week! We have a car share, and walk a lot, but it's not a big deal. I mean, we run every morning anyways so walking is nothing really.

Elder and Sister Smith (in charge of the mission cars) said that they knew Gma and Gpa Farley. They said that E. Smiths father was a stake president in West Covina? Does that ring any bells for Dad?
Elder Schooff, Oops!

Sounds like all is going well at home! It's a bit weird here now that I'm about 6 months out and without any baptisms, but I know it's not just about that, but about converting people to the knowledge, hope and happiness of the gospel. I am always doing my best effort and I know that even though I don't see very much of the fruits of my labor, they are still there. The work is hard and rewarding, and I love all of it!

Keep up the missionary work! I love you and hope all continues to go well!


Elder Brian Farley