Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 19: Esco Zone of San Marcos

Where we did a service project. Oh, I cut down an olive tree with a machete!!! So cool!
Hi Mom,

These guys email super fast so I don't have a bunch of time. But it was way good to see you and the family last week! The devotional was really fun and E. Pumphry isn't Spanish. He's still in my zone here in Esco  though! I know I need to take more pictures of the people I teach and what not, but I'm trying!

My new companion is Elder Brian Schooff, he is a good guy!

You have a lot of questions mama... But it's all good.

So it is a bit crazy at church with so many missionaries, but the work is split up pretty well by area. Our area is like a quarter of San Marcos, but we have only 3 active member families and like 8 less-active... So we are the "home teaching missionaries" in the ward;) haha. No snow in San Marcos, but I saw some snow in the mountains while heading to a service activity. Elder Creason took my place in Del Mar and I took his place in Esco. He's going to die where he was born! Crazy stuff!

Transfers work like this:
1. Grab all of your stuff that you can fit into all you bags, while trying to look like you aren't taking too much stuff.
2. Put it in a member's car and have them drive you to the transfer meeting in Vista.
3. Have the transfer meeting, and get you new comp.
4. Put all your bags in the members car and have them drive you to your new area!
5. Unpack and repeat in 6weeks-6months.

This last week we only taught less-active members. But we have a few set appointments this week, so I'll let you know about the gators next week! We have a car share, and walk a lot, but it's not a big deal. I mean, we run every morning anyways so walking is nothing really.

Elder and Sister Smith (in charge of the mission cars) said that they knew Gma and Gpa Farley. They said that E. Smiths father was a stake president in West Covina? Does that ring any bells for Dad?
Elder Schooff, Oops!

Sounds like all is going well at home! It's a bit weird here now that I'm about 6 months out and without any baptisms, but I know it's not just about that, but about converting people to the knowledge, hope and happiness of the gospel. I am always doing my best effort and I know that even though I don't see very much of the fruits of my labor, they are still there. The work is hard and rewarding, and I love all of it!

Keep up the missionary work! I love you and hope all continues to go well!


Elder Brian Farley

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