Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 21: Soy Mexicano!

"A Goose!"
Hey Mom!

So we already have the car back, but the ignition is still acting up sometimes. We have to give it a few tries to make it work. But for getting to church we just got a member to take us.

I definitely got the package! I like all the 1/4 and 6 month references;) haha. Also, the pictures were great too! At first I though "Why did they take a picture next to a sign and then put references to 'BUMP'?" but then I realized the sign already said 'BUMP'... Very funny though! I was already able to use some of the quarters for laundry! So once again, you were inspired to give me things! Elder Jensen was fully convinced that his mom received revelation for him, and I think it's the same with you for me! So thanks! haha.

That's interesting that you always have some connection to me and my area! I think it must be a tender mercy so you can spy on me! haha. With dinner, it's usually members, and we have a set dinner almost every day of the week. Certain members feed us regularly, and we don't have a set dinner on like two days of the week. I think it's Friday and Saturday. I don't know if we'd be able to eat with the white folk. We like our Mexican food!;) Speaking of eating Mexican food, E. Schoof, Martin(a RC) and I ate a chili that's spicier than a habanero at a members house at dinner! I thought I was going to die from the heat for a few minutes, but I survived! haha. And now I can say "Soy Mexicano"! We go back to that house this week, I believe, so I'm most likely going to have to eat another!

It's so crazy that I'll be the only missionary out tomorrow night! I'm happy that Sean had such a great mission! He's a super great influence for me! I know he's going to be a very successful man in the future! I just hope he doesn't get hitched too quick! haha;)

I'm running out of time here in the library, but all is going well here. Things are a bit slow and what not, but I have faith that we can see miracles here! I'm all good with supplies and what not! I'll try to get a suit here pretty soon! P-day is always too busy! haha. Thanks for your love and support! I love you and hope all is going great!

Elder Brian Farley

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