Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 24: Switching Apartments or Getting Transferred...

Hi Mom!

I suppose that being EF2 for life is fair. haha. And Sean will be a great help at the office! I see that he's already working on his beard too! haha. He sent me a picture of his implants and I could see a bit of hair on his chinny chin chin. He can't hide it from me. haha

Elder Schooff has been out about 14 months now. He's been in the area for 3 transfers(when this one ends). He may leave, or we may both leave. Like you said, it's crazy that this ward has so many missionaries, and I think that's going to change. E. Mather(one of the APs) asked me what I thought about my area, and then what I thought about having a set of Spanish sisters in Del Mar as well Elders when I saw him at a zone conference, and I said that'd be a good idea. A few weeks ago we got a call from E. Mather telling us that we are "switching apartments" and need to pack all our stuff. We think our area is going to get added to another area and that we are going top get transferred. All speculation, of course, but that's what we think is most likely. So they'll only have like 5 or 4 sets of missionaries in El Norte and open up 1 or 2 areas somewhere else. Crazy stuff! haha. you'll find out in a week.

Yeah, I guess I forgot to tell you about the Temple trip! it was great! Hopefully you, dad and Sean will be able to go to the Abq temple! That'd be great! Also, I hope you don't get sick! I got over a little cold like 2 weeks ago. Sickness is no fun!

Sounds like everything is going great at home! I really have no time left, but I love you and hope all is going well!

Elder Brian Farley

Hey Dad,

It's ok that its short. Unfortunately, I am lacking a lot of time this week considering I had to use some of my time responding to a survey of a training we did, and I got more emails than usual to respond to. But things here are going well. We still don't have very many people to teach, but we are really trying to use members more and get member referrals! We actually had a really cool miracle with member referrals that I'm going to share with Mom(so I don't have to be repetitive). But we are also packing up already, because the AP's called and said that we are changing apartments and that we need to clean out everything. We think our area is going to get shut down, but we aren't sure yet. I really can't believe it's February already either! Time is really flying by. Honestly, nothing much is really happening in our area. We are doing everything we can. Hopefully we'll see results soon! Thanks for your prayers and support, Dad. I know it's helping out. I hope to get your letter soon as well! I love you and hope all continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley

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