Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 25: So Long, Escondido!

Hey Mom!

So I never said that I was moving or anything... So how do you know that I am????? It blows my mind that you know these things without me saying anything!  El Norte ward is only a 8 missionary ward now! crazy! Also, Elders Ellsworth and Murdock are taking over our area and part of another area. But that's all I know. I already got the three boxes you sent, and I may never again in my life see a box so filled with protein products! haha. Thanks so much! I am going to re-tape it and open it in my new area tomorrow though. I'm not leaving it to the next Elders! haha.

Sounds like you are having a good time with all the fam. I'm glad Sean has got an idea of what he wants to do! He sounds like he'll be busy, but he'll be working and getting stuff done! I wish I could watch the State Championship game... Or my highlight film... I miss football sometimes;) haha. Stake conference is always good! We are going to have Elder Nelson (I think) visit the mission pretty soon. He's going to come to the Esco Stake Conference, at least.

President didn't say anything about changing P-day for President's Day, but I think it's a good assumption. We'll see. I'll let you know what's happening with my new area as soon as I can (so next p-day... haha).

So we got a new, really cool, investigator this past week. He has never talked to missionaries (aside from the ones who gave us the referral to his house) and he just let us in his house right after we knocked! we shared the First Vision and I think he really felt the Spirit! It's too bad that I won't be able to teach him anymore, but we're all on the same team here as missionaries, so it's ok!

I was going to share a story last week, but I didn't have time. I don't have much now, so it'll be the short version. We went to teach a recent convert  and afterward asked him if he knew anyone we could teach. I figured he'd say "no" because we always ask for referrals from him, but he told us to try his neighbors. So we went by right after we left his house (about 8:30) and talked to the husband, and got an appointment set! I was amazed on how easy and simple it was! It's a testimony to me that finding people who are ready to hear the gospel message are found through the members! I hope everyone is never afraid to tell the missionaries to try to talk with someone they know.

But that's all I got! I love you and I hope you're staying healthy and happy! Happy Day of Hearts!

Elder Brian Farley

NM Plate!

After Church! That Elder looks tired!

Hey Dad,

So things in Esco are changing up a lot. Two companionships are leaving! Us and the STLs. There are going to be 4 big areas now instead of 6 decent sized ones. I think it's going to be better but I will miss it here. I'm going to be leaving and get a new comp tomorrow. I hardly spent any time here... But It was good. Although we didn't have very much success, I learned important lessons and things I need to improve on. I've really realized that members are super important to work through. I realized that due to the small number of members in our area. But I know that the next Elders will have good success in utilizing part of our area.

Sounds like things are going well at home. Sean is getting back into things, and the rest of the family sounds like they're doing well too. There really hasn't been too much going on this past week. I think my next area will have a lot more going on! This area has been great, but knocking on doors for three hours a day isn't very effective...

My ankle is a lot better now! It was really bad before to where it was tough to walk on it, but it's just a little tight now and then. nothing to worry about. Thanks for supporting me in this, Dad. It's definitely a life changing experience and I'm trying each day to become someone greater so to help more people. I'll continue to do my best! Love you, Dad.


Elder Brian Farley

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