Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 26: 7 Months Out --Valley Center - New Companion!!

E. Burbidge & E. Farley - Transfer meeting 2/10/2015 -(camera date wrong)
Hi Mom!

So, once again, I can't respond to everything you told me due to the time constraint, but I'll do my best to fill you in on everything that's been happening and try to answer your ?'s.

I had absolutely no idea that I was coming here. E. Schooff and I had it all planned out on where everyone was going, and almost none of what we predicted happened... I was the last Spanish missionary to get my new area, so I was thinking "There are no more Spanish areas open... Am I going to open up a new area? or did I miss someone?" Then President said I'd be going with E. Burbidge. I was thinking "Sweet! E. Burbidge is cool! We'll have a blast! But who's area will become the ZL's area?" because I never got a call from President telling me anything. Then E. Schow (who was seated next to me) said "Dude! You just got called as Zone Leader!" And I didn't believe it for a while, but thats what happened!

So as a ZL we have to do a lot of stuff. Meetings almost every day, we have to come up with trainings, disscussions, give council, do interviews, and have a 'model area' as stated by President. So I went from having a little responsibility to a ton of responsibility! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed the first few days, but I'm doing fine now. I just have very little time to do anything. But I know that I can really move the work forward if I forget myself and get to work.

Valley Center is really cool! First off, we get a truck and fly aroud the place, and the members here are the best member missionaries I've seen! There hasn't been a house I've gone to thus far where we had to force the members to give us a referral, but instead, after the lesson they say "Which of our friends can the missionaries teach now? Who's up next?" They are super great! At the same time, they are a bit intimidating. They expect the missionaries to be 100% on their game at all times. So I can't let myself slack off at all (not like I was before, but just that I'll have to be extra careful not to slack off) I believe I've met the Klinglers, but I'm not sure really. There are a lot of members here! Also, we cover Spanish and English here, so I still get to speak Spanish! All other ZL's only speak English!

Sounds like you have been having a good time at home and all. Keep up the missionary work, and try to enjoy that wind;) VC is actually very similar to Ftown! It's pretty windy, dry, dirty, and has a lot of little shrubs and cacti around here! The only difference is that there are palm trees, and orange and avacado orchards out here.

I wanted to share a couple experiences realy quick. First, last night E.B. and I went to the Church at about 8:45 to print off some papers before the end of the day, and we saw some people parked out in their car and smoking. Honestly, I doubt a group of people would sit in a car at about 9:00 at night and smoke a regualr cigarette. So we kinda spied on them from a window, called our WML and he told us to call the police. So we did, waited about 20 minutes and then 3 cop cars showed up with there spotlights shining on their car! We watched as the police took things from their car and then took individual pictures of all of them. Then the cops just got back in their cars and drove away! E.B. and I thought these people were going to get arrested, but almost nothing happened! So now the people are still there, and we are still inside. Fearing the people in the car would be angry with us, we stayed inside. Later, our WML showed up and told them to get off the Church property unless they wanted to come to church and change their lives. (Our WML is a pretty big and scary guy) So they got out of there and we were safe to head home! And we got to bed at like 10:45... It was a crazy night.

The other experience has to do with Elder Nelson coming! Nothing too specific, but I really enjoyed that. He was really happy and funny and really easy to understand. He brought the Spirit very stongly into the building! He also did another meeeting with just the youth, and since we had youth investigators staying, we got to stay! We sat in the very front row, and it felt likr E. Nelson was talking directly to me! It was awesome! It's a huge testimony builder to me that we truly have apostles of Jesus Christ on the Earth today to lead and guid us toward salvation. I know that we can grow much closer to God and Christ as we heed to the council of our leaders in the Church. The Church is true.

Thanks for all your support, mom. It helps a lot! I'm excited for Mother's Day! It's already coming very fast! I hope I answered almost all your questions! haha. I love you and hope you continue to do well!

Elder Brian Farley

Hey Dad!

I don't have much time because I told mom a lot, but the rumors are true. I'm a ZL with Elder Burbidge now! It's super crazy! I didn't expect that at all! I think it's interesting that you advised me to be humble before I even got that assignment. I know that you are definitely inspired to receive revelation for me, being your son, and I'm very grateful for that. I need all the help I can get out here! It's a little nerve-racking being in this position at such an early point on my mission, but I know the Lord wouldn't have put me here if I couldn't handle it. I'll do my very best here. There is a lot of potential here, and I hope I can continue the success that's been here!

I definitely know the feeling of people canceling or not pulling through. I feel like I've seen a lot of that on my misson thus far, but I know that the Lord will help us and strengthen us as we do what He wants us to do. Sometimes I wish people didn't have agency;) haha. But all we can do is use our agency to help and invite like you said. I've got to go, but thanks for all your support, Dad! I hope the missionary work does better in Ftown and that you and the rest of the family stays happy and healthy! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

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