Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 27: Having Fun in VC

E.B & E.F - Helping out at RS Enrichment 
Hi Mom!

So being a ZL isn't too bad. There are just a lot of things to do! We almost never travel to the Mission Office because the San Marcos ZL's do it and get our mail. E.Burbidge and I are getting along really well! It's really fun here in VC as well! There's a ton to do and the members are great! Honestly, every member gives us referrals, or says they'll invite their friend to an activity! We just ask for help and the members do the rest! Our WML told the ward missionaries that the job of the full-time missionaries(us) is to be full-time teachers and the job of every member is to be full-time finders! There's a talk by E. Bednar which talks about that as well. Totally what I wanted to hear as a missionary!! I love this ward! I just need to meet all the members now... haha.

We didn't get the twinning package yet, but E.B. is excited for it! haha.

Sounds like things are going well at home! It's funny that Ryker only says "no" haha. Did you get a package from me? I sent one when I left from San Marcos. It just has some stuff that I don't use, but that is too valuable to throw away! haha

Things here are going great we have a lot of investigators that can't get baptized because of marital issues or First Presidency approval, but also, a few who will be baptized in a few weeks! We get fed every night, don't worry;) Did you get that picture from Sister Rush? (2 pictures in this post) She'll be your best friend here in VC with all the things she does for the parents of missionaries! My Spanish is good. We don't speak very much of it here, but it's still improving poco a poco. haha

I will be careful driving for sure! We'll be smart and safe in what we do as well. Thanks for all your love, support and help! I love you and miss you too! Have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

ps. No p.s. this week? haha
Finally polished my shoes!

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