Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 32: Northern-Southerners...I guess. But It's All Really Exciting!

Hey Mom!

So a lot happened this past transfer meeting and past week!... But, like usual, you probably already know 99% of what I'll tell you...

Anyway, I am a DL now and am with Elder Murdock! He's from Idaho Falls and has been out for about 7 months (he's 1 transfer younger than me). And he's a really good elder. The crazy thing was that I was supposed to be training, but 20 minutes before the transfer meeting President came up to me and told me that VC was no place for a greenie and Elder Clark got my greenie instead! It's alright though. It would've been quite stressful! But I'm loving VC!

Now, the reason that I became a DL was because I am no longer in the Esco Zone. I am now in La Zona Del Sur!!! It's one of two all-Spanish Zone! I have 4 other companionships in my district and 3 of them are Elders. So I'll be doing 7 exchanges this transfer! But The zone covers all of the old Esco Zone, the Del Mar Zone (<3), and the Carlsbad Zone. The rest of the zones make up La Zona Del Norte! It's kinda funny because my district is called the "El Norte District" but we're in La Zona Del Sur... We're the Northern-Southerners I guess. But it's all really exciting!

The reason they made the two zones was because E.B and I looked at some numbers about Spanish Conference and found that the only zone with Spanish missionaries who baptized more after Spanish Conference was the Esco Spa missionaries. Our theory was that because the ZL's were Spanish missionaries, they could follow-up better with trainings and know what they need to do to baptize more. So our solution we presented to President was to either have a 3rd assistant who was specifically going to follow up on Spanish missionaries, or create all-Spanish zones. So that's what happened! But I thought it would happen next transfer because w told president this like 5 days before transfers! So crazy stuff!

I cant wait for the twinning package to get here! The trip to USU sounds like it'll be fun too! Sean really like TRH, huh? Going to get a job up there too! If he's still working there by the time I'm up there, we can work together!! haha.

Thanks for letting me know about my Wells Fargo card, because we thought we'd have money on our food cards, but it looks like we won't be getting any more until the beginning of next month. So I was basically broke! haha. You always know what I need!

Tell Ryker Happy (late) Birthday from me! Now starts the terrible-twos! haha

The baptism happened too! It was really great! K. had to go under twice and she was pretty scared, but it all went really well. The whole family was very happy and seem to have very strong testimonies! :) I'm running out of time though! I gots to go! I love you and hope everything continues to go well at home!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 31: Elder B's 2 Years are Up...New Companion coming to VC!

Hey Mom!

Elder B told me to tell you Thanks and that he hopes he'll have a good reunion with his family... and girlfriends haha. It's going to be weird killing him(mission lingo for having him go home while I'm his comp... It's so much easier and simpler to say "kill" haha;)

Our 2 baptisms were moved to this next Sunday so not all is lost, but E.B won't get to be there... It'll be a good start to my time with my new comp! haha. The other two happened and were both Spanish baptisms. Dad told me a bit about your baptism this weekend! That's so awesome! Saving the world one soul at a time;)

I hope all is going well at home! I am so happy that we have the gospel as a family! I was watching something about the pioneers and in the video they kept saying how grateful they were for the gospel and that they owed everything to the gospel and to God, despite their difficult circumstance. I have lived most of my life not seeing the gospel as it truly is; the most important thing we know of in our lives! I too owe everything to the gospel and to God and my Savior, and I will always work my hardest to help others see the importance and feel the love the gospel has to offer. I love this gospel and know that it is what brings true happiness.

Elder Brian Farley

I'll be looking out for that twinning package!;) I'm super excited for it!

Hey Dad,

I'm also your only missionary son right now haha;)

Sounds like the Cali trip was a success! It's always good to meet up with old friends! It's also good to hear that your investigator is good to be baptized!!! We were supposed to have two baptisms yesterday, but it's moved to this Sunday... But it'll be good. I am really excited for Sean to go back to his mission with you and mom! There are already so many things I want to show the family about my mission! I am also very excited for GC! It seems like only a couple months ago since the last one! But I'm stoked to recieve guidence and revelation!!

The work is going really well here! We will have 2 baptisms for sure this next transfer, and we have like 5 people who are really coming along to be baptized. Honestly, I could see us having around 6-8 baptisms this next transfer or two! It's going to be great! I have really learned a lot on what makes a successful missionary from being with Elder Burbidge. I've learned many important skills that I will need to help others enter into the coveneat of baptism and I know I'll always be learning more as I work hard! Thanks for all your help and support, Dad. I'm always going to strive for a higher level and will never quit in this work of salvation! I love you, Dad.

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 30: 8 Months Out and Still "GREEN"!

St. Patrick's Day!
Hey Mom!

St. Patrick's Day is almost here! Yay! I'm pulling out all my green! Speaking of green, Kauai is where E.B lives in the summers! Crazy, right? His grandparents have a house there.

Sounds like things went well for the St. Patty's Day party! Although, partys are a lot of work, they are a blast! Did Sean invite any of his friends? 22 is kinda a small turn out for our parties! I heard a little bit about MoPro. I bet a lot of people liked the Paris theme two years ago and wanted to do it again.. Sean is sooooooooo old now! What is his new worldly privilege now that he's 21? He can gamble, or what? haha. I bet he's stoked for his birthday, nonetheless.

So this past week went pretty well. Our mission set a goal to get our SOE every day of the week (so an SOE is a "Standard of Excellence." Our main SOE is to get a certain number of contacts(people we invite to take the lessons) a day) and our zone was the only zone in the mission to do it! Escondido zone is the best! We also had our Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) this past week, and that went really well too! Our whole zone understands our weaknesses as a mission and are focused and determined to become better! I just have a lot of confidence (maybe pride...) in my zone!

But aside from that, we set two baptismal dates for this Sunday!! We just need to get them to church and teach them a couple more things, and we'll be golden! I'm super stoked for this weekend! There are going to be like 4 baptisms in our zone!

I don't have much time left, so I'm wrapping it up for today! I love you and hope all continues to go well!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 29: VC is the Coolest Area!

Hey Mom!

I agree that the weeks have been flying by! I've heard that the time goes by faster as you get older in the mission, so I'm either getting old in the mission or times is going faster because E.B is going home in 2 weeks!!! That's so crazy! Members keep telling him that he's a "short timer"... I'm not sure how he takes that...

All your talk of the mountain and skiing is making me want to go snowboarding! (I'm not getting trunky, I promise. haha) But it sounds like there is some good stuff going on at home! Maybe I'll work a bit at TRH when I get home. But that's in forever, so I won't worry about it. haha. And I'm sure you'll be a great paparazzi person at the MoPro again! haha.

If I get transferred out of VC after E.B leaves, I will be a failure! haha. That better not happen! VC is the coolest area! I hope I stay here for a while! We are losing like 4 ZL's this next transfer, so I may get a new ZL to train. With my luck I will! Don't get me wrong, that'd be awesome, but I still feel like I need some help in organizing meetings and other ZL stuff. So it's kind of a toss up in my mind. But I still have two weeks with E.B, so I'm going to get every little bit of wisdom out of him that I can! President K doesn't come out to specific areas very often, even ZLs areas. We still see him pretty often when we go to Vista and other meetings.

We were in Murrieta for a Spanish Conference Follow-up (just making sure all the Spanish missionaries are using the training's given during Spanish Conference). After our meeting we went to Chipotle for lunch.

Lunch at Chipolte

I got my hair cut at Sister Rush's house today (I'm sure you already know) and she told me that you are sending another package to me! So, for once, I knew something that you were doing before you told me! ah-ha! But yeah, I'll let you know! And I got the "green" box a couple days ago! Muchas cosas buenas! Gracias! Thanks so much for all your support and help! I miss you and love you! Keep looking out for those Milagros! I know they're always there! Have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 28: Miracles

Hi Mom!

So I got the twinning package and the GNC package! Thanks! E.B. was very grateful for the tie and socks! I don't need anything at this point. I can't wait for the St. Patty's Day box!

This rain is the best! It's cold, but I got my sweaters that I never expected to use! haha. It's a good change.

Sounds like the trip to Purgatory was a success! I miss it and am a little jealous, but I'm glad you had a good time!

The trip to DC also sounds fun! Sean will finally get to show you and dad all the places he served! You'll also get to meet that one lady he baptized who loves all of us just because Sean is related to us! haha

Do the missionaries in your ward go to the Navajo Taco night and watch the movie too? Because if so, that's super cool! I may get the VC ward to do something like that too... haha

I can't believe Bliss is getting married! Crazy stuff! Her future husband looks like a cool guy though. 

So there is a to to do in VC! It's insane! Members are coming up to us and asking if we've talked to their friend yet, and I'm like "I don't know your friend, let alone you!" So it's going good! We are trying to get some investigator's dad the priesthood so he can baptize them, and we are trying to meet with another lady who basically said she'll convert!

Our zone is doing really well also! We have focused a lot on having faith to see miracles, and boy are we seeing miracles! One thing that I've learned out here is that we must perform and see miracles as missionaries, or we are not representing Jesus Christ as much as we should. Aside from performing the atonement for us, miracles was the second most known thing He did. And so we must perform miracles as He did. Miracles are not a deviation from natural law. It's a manifestation of God's higher law. So seeing miracles should be an everyday thing! If God is a part of our lives, we should see His hand in our lives, and that is what miracles are. I believe that our lives are already full of miracles at the same time, but it is up to us to open our eyes to see them. There are many small miracles everyday that we should recognize and be grateful for. By doing this, it increases our capacity to see even more miracles! It's awesome! So there's my sermon on miracles. haha.

But that's all I got for this week! I love you and miss you! Have a great and safe week!

Bonsai Elm (Not sure where it came from or why they have it)
Elder Brian Farley