Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 29: VC is the Coolest Area!

Hey Mom!

I agree that the weeks have been flying by! I've heard that the time goes by faster as you get older in the mission, so I'm either getting old in the mission or times is going faster because E.B is going home in 2 weeks!!! That's so crazy! Members keep telling him that he's a "short timer"... I'm not sure how he takes that...

All your talk of the mountain and skiing is making me want to go snowboarding! (I'm not getting trunky, I promise. haha) But it sounds like there is some good stuff going on at home! Maybe I'll work a bit at TRH when I get home. But that's in forever, so I won't worry about it. haha. And I'm sure you'll be a great paparazzi person at the MoPro again! haha.

If I get transferred out of VC after E.B leaves, I will be a failure! haha. That better not happen! VC is the coolest area! I hope I stay here for a while! We are losing like 4 ZL's this next transfer, so I may get a new ZL to train. With my luck I will! Don't get me wrong, that'd be awesome, but I still feel like I need some help in organizing meetings and other ZL stuff. So it's kind of a toss up in my mind. But I still have two weeks with E.B, so I'm going to get every little bit of wisdom out of him that I can! President K doesn't come out to specific areas very often, even ZLs areas. We still see him pretty often when we go to Vista and other meetings.

We were in Murrieta for a Spanish Conference Follow-up (just making sure all the Spanish missionaries are using the training's given during Spanish Conference). After our meeting we went to Chipotle for lunch.

Lunch at Chipolte

I got my hair cut at Sister Rush's house today (I'm sure you already know) and she told me that you are sending another package to me! So, for once, I knew something that you were doing before you told me! ah-ha! But yeah, I'll let you know! And I got the "green" box a couple days ago! Muchas cosas buenas! Gracias! Thanks so much for all your support and help! I miss you and love you! Keep looking out for those Milagros! I know they're always there! Have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

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