Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 31: Elder B's 2 Years are Up...New Companion coming to VC!

Hey Mom!

Elder B told me to tell you Thanks and that he hopes he'll have a good reunion with his family... and girlfriends haha. It's going to be weird killing him(mission lingo for having him go home while I'm his comp... It's so much easier and simpler to say "kill" haha;)

Our 2 baptisms were moved to this next Sunday so not all is lost, but E.B won't get to be there... It'll be a good start to my time with my new comp! haha. The other two happened and were both Spanish baptisms. Dad told me a bit about your baptism this weekend! That's so awesome! Saving the world one soul at a time;)

I hope all is going well at home! I am so happy that we have the gospel as a family! I was watching something about the pioneers and in the video they kept saying how grateful they were for the gospel and that they owed everything to the gospel and to God, despite their difficult circumstance. I have lived most of my life not seeing the gospel as it truly is; the most important thing we know of in our lives! I too owe everything to the gospel and to God and my Savior, and I will always work my hardest to help others see the importance and feel the love the gospel has to offer. I love this gospel and know that it is what brings true happiness.

Elder Brian Farley

I'll be looking out for that twinning package!;) I'm super excited for it!

Hey Dad,

I'm also your only missionary son right now haha;)

Sounds like the Cali trip was a success! It's always good to meet up with old friends! It's also good to hear that your investigator is good to be baptized!!! We were supposed to have two baptisms yesterday, but it's moved to this Sunday... But it'll be good. I am really excited for Sean to go back to his mission with you and mom! There are already so many things I want to show the family about my mission! I am also very excited for GC! It seems like only a couple months ago since the last one! But I'm stoked to recieve guidence and revelation!!

The work is going really well here! We will have 2 baptisms for sure this next transfer, and we have like 5 people who are really coming along to be baptized. Honestly, I could see us having around 6-8 baptisms this next transfer or two! It's going to be great! I have really learned a lot on what makes a successful missionary from being with Elder Burbidge. I've learned many important skills that I will need to help others enter into the coveneat of baptism and I know I'll always be learning more as I work hard! Thanks for all your help and support, Dad. I'm always going to strive for a higher level and will never quit in this work of salvation! I love you, Dad.

Elder Brian Farley

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