Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 32: Northern-Southerners...I guess. But It's All Really Exciting!

Hey Mom!

So a lot happened this past transfer meeting and past week!... But, like usual, you probably already know 99% of what I'll tell you...

Anyway, I am a DL now and am with Elder Murdock! He's from Idaho Falls and has been out for about 7 months (he's 1 transfer younger than me). And he's a really good elder. The crazy thing was that I was supposed to be training, but 20 minutes before the transfer meeting President came up to me and told me that VC was no place for a greenie and Elder Clark got my greenie instead! It's alright though. It would've been quite stressful! But I'm loving VC!

Now, the reason that I became a DL was because I am no longer in the Esco Zone. I am now in La Zona Del Sur!!! It's one of two all-Spanish Zone! I have 4 other companionships in my district and 3 of them are Elders. So I'll be doing 7 exchanges this transfer! But The zone covers all of the old Esco Zone, the Del Mar Zone (<3), and the Carlsbad Zone. The rest of the zones make up La Zona Del Norte! It's kinda funny because my district is called the "El Norte District" but we're in La Zona Del Sur... We're the Northern-Southerners I guess. But it's all really exciting!

The reason they made the two zones was because E.B and I looked at some numbers about Spanish Conference and found that the only zone with Spanish missionaries who baptized more after Spanish Conference was the Esco Spa missionaries. Our theory was that because the ZL's were Spanish missionaries, they could follow-up better with trainings and know what they need to do to baptize more. So our solution we presented to President was to either have a 3rd assistant who was specifically going to follow up on Spanish missionaries, or create all-Spanish zones. So that's what happened! But I thought it would happen next transfer because w told president this like 5 days before transfers! So crazy stuff!

I cant wait for the twinning package to get here! The trip to USU sounds like it'll be fun too! Sean really like TRH, huh? Going to get a job up there too! If he's still working there by the time I'm up there, we can work together!! haha.

Thanks for letting me know about my Wells Fargo card, because we thought we'd have money on our food cards, but it looks like we won't be getting any more until the beginning of next month. So I was basically broke! haha. You always know what I need!

Tell Ryker Happy (late) Birthday from me! Now starts the terrible-twos! haha

The baptism happened too! It was really great! K. had to go under twice and she was pretty scared, but it all went really well. The whole family was very happy and seem to have very strong testimonies! :) I'm running out of time though! I gots to go! I love you and hope everything continues to go well at home!

Elder Brian Farley

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