Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 35: Milagros for dias!

Hi Mom!

It sounds like you had a good trip! (I feel like I've written that sentence many times to you while on my mission. Trips are good though;) I think it'd be really cool for Sean and I to visit his mission once I'm home! We can go to his and learn a lot and be super busy, then we can visit mine, relax and go to the beach!;) haha.

I'll come up with a list of things I need (If I can even think of anything) Speaking of which, I got the shirts, conference talks, letter and goodies! The tie is super awesome! It is now one of my favorites ever! Thanks so much!

I agree with everything you said about social conversion and such. New members are like primary children in the gospel, but they know less! They need member support and someone to help them out! A big part of the gospel is service, and fellowshipping is one of the greatest forms of service there is! It's helping someone increase their faith in the fullness of the gospel so they can return to live with God in exaltation! It's much more important than the worldly things that distract us! We must always remember the ultimate goal for all of Gods children! But although the district is still dragging a bit, VC is doing great!

"Me and My Favorite Companion" haha

To start off, I want to share an awesome miracle that happened on an exchange with Elder Garcia:
       We were just about to finish our exchange and we got a call. The person calling was a returned missionary, named Britain, who lives in Encinitas and was serving in Ohio. She prayed to find someone on the plane home who was ready for the gospel, and she found one of our new investigators, W.! W. was just returning home to VC from visiting family and mourning the loss of a loved one. Britain sat next to her on the plane, shared a bit of the Plan of Salvation, and set a time when she and the missionaries in VC(us) could come back and teach her. She accepted and we met up with Britain and her dad and went to visit W. We taught her more about the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized, but she said she was already baptized. I explained the importance of authority and then Britain's dad spoke of his conversion story and how he felt the truth as he attended church. So we invited her to church to feel of the truth for herself. She then came to church and really liked it! So we are going back on Wednesday to talk with her and set a date! Super awesome miracle! Plus its a great example of the talk from General Conference that "RM doesn't stand for 'Retired Mormon'", or missionary for that matter! This is just another testimony to me that the Church is true!

This past week we also have been able to meet with D, our investigator who is very spiritually sensitive. We went with bro. Reilly, our ward mission leader (WML) and we told D. that we are here to help him change his life and be baptized! He said that that is why he wants us there! Super cool!

And last miracle is that we met a 19 year old from Ghana. His name is P! We taught the class in priest quorum (where he was at) and taught the restoration. We testified that it was through the Book of Mormon that anyone can know that the Church is true, and right after that he asked for one!! Super cool!

So that's my week. I know that God's hand is always in our lives, and it just requires our hard work and faithfulness to se it! I love this gospel! I love you and hope you have a safe and happy week!

Elder Brian Farley

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