Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 40: Buckle Up Tight...

Hey Mom!

Sounds like the family is doing great! I am happy to hear that! Lots of fun stuff happening and a lot of people heading to different places and stages of their lives!

I promised you last week a good email, so buckle up tight, because you're about to get the best email ever! ;)

So I mentioned a bit about our investigator, A., and how she is really cool, well she got baptized last Saturday!! Yep! We found her the 7th, started teaching her the 12th and baptized her the 23rd! So when we first found her she was hung over with her niece, B. We talked to them with R. (their friend who helped us find them) about baptism. They'd been taught a lot in the past by other missionaries, but nothing really happened. So after we taught about baptism we got their numbers and texted them scriptures they should read. The next time we met with them we found out that A. had read a lot from the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptized!! So we set the date with her for the 31st. We then invited B. to be baptized and she said no because she doesn't believe in modern-day prophets. We were about to reply to her concern but A. just started testifying that she believes in prophets and it's dumb not to believe God would stop talking to us through prophets like He has in the past! So we visited her every other day up until Sunday. She came to church about 45 minutes early, so we gave her a church tour and she met with bishop too! Everyone she met already thought she was a member too! haha. Bishop told us after his meeting with her that she was super golden and that she's ready to be baptized! We still had her date for the 31st and were planning to talk to her later about changing it, but our WML just announced to all of the Gospel Principles class that she was getting baptized the next weekend and she was totally fine with that! So we kept visiting her, taught her everything we needed to before baptism, and she had no problem with anything! The time of her baptism rolls around and we find out that the usual building we use is being used for a wedding, so we had to frantically call everyone and tell them it'll be at a different building. When we got to the building we found out that the font was locked and we didn't have the key... So we called another set of elders who had the key, drove over to them and got the key. We drove back, tried the key, and it didn't work! We called the elders back and they told us they must not have the key and gave us the number of the sisters who do have the key! We call them, leave, pick up the key and finally open the font and start filling at like 4:50. The baptism was supposed to start at 5:00... We finally get the font filled with semi-warm water and come to find out that we don't have a baptismal suit large enough for R. (who was going to baptize A.). We then had to go and get the biggest suit we could find from the other building and were still one size too small! At this point I didn't even care to look at my watch because I knew we were already suuuuupper late, but we had R try on the biggest suit we had and, with some prayers, it fit!! He looked a lot like the Michelin Man! haha. But the baptism happened, and although it was very hectic, it was one of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been a part of. Every missionary dreams of finding someone and baptizing them 2 weeks later, and now that dream has come true for me!

We now have 2 firm baptisms set for this next Sunday, and one more set for the Sunday after that! We are meeting with 2 more of our investigators tonight to set a baptismal date with them as well! The work is going really great here in VC! I love it! This is most likely my last transfer here, so I have to end with a bang!! haha

Missionary work is truly the best! There isn't too much more I could say to describe it better! It's the best in just about every way, and I'm loving every moment of it! I love you and hope all goes well for you this next week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 39: Drum Roll -- Four Baptisms!

Hello Mom!

Thanks for the update with the family! It sounds like everything is going well! I cant wait for everyone to get going on their missions! It's going to be great! I did not hear that Hailey got reassigned. Darn Brazil doesn't let anyone in their country! I have pretty good contact with my F-Town brothers still, but sometimes we just don't have much time to email. Today is one of those days where the emailing time is short, so I'll type fast! haha

Things here are great!! We had... (*drum roll*) 4 baptisms yesterday!! We thought it was only going to be R., R., and her son, T., but R.'s daughter got baptized too! It was super great! :) We didn't have any of our other investigators at the baptism, but we did have 12 at church today!:) We even had 4 others that told us that they were coming, but never showed up... But 12 is a good turn out if you ask me. But we baptized 4 of them, so we need to find 5 more to baptize now!;) haha. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of that! Being on a mission is great! We are hoping to have a baptism every weekend for the rest of the transfer though! So I'm super excited!:)

We found a really cool new investigator this last week named A. We found her through R., who is a RC. A. is 24 and has a son named N.(he's 7). She is super cool, but I'll tell you more about her next week.

Other than that, we have about 12 or so investigators who have really good potential, and about 6 who are ready to be baptized! We just need to get them to do it! (In total we probably have somewhere around 25 investigators, but we have to be laser beams and focus on a select few at a time) So the work is going well!:) I really don't want to ever leave VC, but I am happy we are having the success we've been working for this transfer!

Sorry, but this is the end. I don't got much time left... Bu thanks for all that you do! I am so blessed to have such a great mom like you! Love you!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 38: Mother's Day Skype!

Cinco de Mayo "Twinning Ties"!
Hey Mom!

It was super good talking to you yesterday! Sounds like you've been having a pretty busy day since then, but that's good!;) You can sleep after work. My motto here is "I can sleep when I'm dead! (in mission terms;)" Like Elder Clark's brother, I can sleep for a couple days after I get home, but for now I will work like crazy! haha

Just write down a list of the things you want to tell me and then look over it the night you email me! That's what I do! But sometimes I forget to look at the list, so just don't do that part! haha.

So I forgot to tell you that we gave talks during sacrament meeting yesterday! The 1st councilor of the bishopric came up to us like 5 minutes before the meeting and asked us to fill the place of the youth speaker who wasn't there that day. So we went up after sacrament and just shared what came to our minds. I focused more on the importance of mothers and then shared a few scriptures about how mothers give us life, teach us how to live happy and spiritual lives, and they love us. I felt like it went well. Then E.M shared a story about his mom and related it to how moms help us grow closer to God. Afterward, sis Branson(we skyped at her house) told us we gave talks as if we prepared a week in advance! haha. I was thinking about that and how grateful I am for the Spirit. The Spirit can fill our mouths with the words of life and give us the revelation that we need in our lives. Elder Bednar has a talk about the spirit of revelation where he explains different ways we receive revelation. One being like turning a light on in a dark room, another like seeing the run rise, and third like a foggy day where we can only see a few steps ahead of us. I feel that as a missionary, we are often walking through the fog, relying on the Spirit to guide is to where we need to go. However, if we aren't watching our step and actually taking steps, we won't get to where we should be, or want to be. That's one thing I love about my mission is how much we are led by the Spirit. Nonetheless, we don't have to be on a mission to be led in that way. I just hope I will always be able to watch, listen, and act when the promptings of the spirit do come and do so for the remainder of my life. I know it's possible with the Lord! :)

So those are my thoughts with the spirit of revelation haha

I'm glad you got the pictures from Sis. Rush! Free haircuts sure are the best!

As of this point, I cant think of anything in specific that I need out here!

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! Have a great week! I love you and hope and pray for your safety and well being!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 37: Staying in VC!

Hey Mom!

So I am staying in VC for another transfer! I am so happy! We are going to have 3 baptisms for sure the 17th and hopefully a few others this transfer as well! It's super cool!

I totally forgot that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! We are totally going to have the family feeding us tomorrow give us Mexican food! (its a little sad that we have to ask for Mexican food now instead of just expect it...) I am really hoping we get that package today! I really want to wear a Cinco de Mayo/Christmas/Westphalia, Germany tie!;) haha. I did get the package with the cookies! Thanks! But didn't get any of the other packages. Hopefully today!

That's cool that you had a little get together for Sean's last Sunday! And can you believe that I'll be Skyping you next week! Crazy! Really, it feels like only a couple months ago that I talked to you during Christmas. But I'm really excited for it all!

When you forget your name tag...improvise! 
Sounds like everything back home is going good! I'm happy to hear that! Things here are going good as well! W. has a really messed up back, and she wasn't able to come to church yesterday, but we feel that she'll be baptized this transfer! There was another kid who showed up a couple weeks ago, P. He went to church in Esco yesterday, but he told some boys in our ward that he has almost finished the Book of Mormon since he got it two weeks ago! That's super cool! When we see him again (hopefully we can get those same boys to get him to a FHE) we are totally going to invite him to be baptized! But this week was good overall. We are still finding people, and we are making progress with our current investigators as well. I really love my mission, and the VC ward makes me love it even more! I hope PK lets me stay here another transfer after this one!

Right now we have one Spanish family we are teaching, and a couple other Spanish people, but that's it. The rest are English. But I feel that my Spanish is still going good! :) I won't find out the schedule of this next transfer until Wednesday, so I'll let you know of all the fun plans next week!

Thanks for all your help and support, Mom! I'll definitely let you know if there is anything I need! Thanks! I miss you and love you, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

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