Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 37: Staying in VC!

Hey Mom!

So I am staying in VC for another transfer! I am so happy! We are going to have 3 baptisms for sure the 17th and hopefully a few others this transfer as well! It's super cool!

I totally forgot that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! We are totally going to have the family feeding us tomorrow give us Mexican food! (its a little sad that we have to ask for Mexican food now instead of just expect it...) I am really hoping we get that package today! I really want to wear a Cinco de Mayo/Christmas/Westphalia, Germany tie!;) haha. I did get the package with the cookies! Thanks! But didn't get any of the other packages. Hopefully today!

That's cool that you had a little get together for Sean's last Sunday! And can you believe that I'll be Skyping you next week! Crazy! Really, it feels like only a couple months ago that I talked to you during Christmas. But I'm really excited for it all!

When you forget your name tag...improvise! 
Sounds like everything back home is going good! I'm happy to hear that! Things here are going good as well! W. has a really messed up back, and she wasn't able to come to church yesterday, but we feel that she'll be baptized this transfer! There was another kid who showed up a couple weeks ago, P. He went to church in Esco yesterday, but he told some boys in our ward that he has almost finished the Book of Mormon since he got it two weeks ago! That's super cool! When we see him again (hopefully we can get those same boys to get him to a FHE) we are totally going to invite him to be baptized! But this week was good overall. We are still finding people, and we are making progress with our current investigators as well. I really love my mission, and the VC ward makes me love it even more! I hope PK lets me stay here another transfer after this one!

Right now we have one Spanish family we are teaching, and a couple other Spanish people, but that's it. The rest are English. But I feel that my Spanish is still going good! :) I won't find out the schedule of this next transfer until Wednesday, so I'll let you know of all the fun plans next week!

Thanks for all your help and support, Mom! I'll definitely let you know if there is anything I need! Thanks! I miss you and love you, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

You know you are out in the country when.......

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