Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 45: Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days to Go!!

Found a Friend!
Hi Mom!

Although you probably love the title of your email, "Happy 'you'll be home one year from today if you don't extend' Day!" isnt my favorite... haha. Its super crazy that I only have one left, but that just means I need to step up my game and make every day the best I can make it!

This past week in SM has gone great! We picked up 5 new investigators and set a solid date with C. for the 18th of July! So things are looking pretty good here for the future! Nothing else really crazy has happened though. haha

We actually had dinner with the Hoy family yesterday! haha. They were talking to me about all the Nygrens and were asking me if I knew them haha. So thats cool how small world things are in the church! haha

For P-day today we are doing a zone activity of basketball and designing a zone shirt! It's going to be way fun! And other than that, there isnt very much happening.

We heard from President Kendrick on Friday morning about the Supreme Court decision. It hasn't been a very big topic of conversation with us and people on the street, but it is sad that the world is straying so far from God. Of course those desires alone are not a sin, but acting on them is. It's a temptation for a lot of people in our society today, and they are either unaware of God's law, or not strong enough to resist the temptations of the adversary. All that can be done is love those who have that temptation, and try to help them overcome it. That's how I see it, at least. I really like that talk by President Benson! Everyone needs to beware of pride.

E.E. & E.F. quoting E.G, lol.

Sounds like everything else back home is going well! I am happy to hear there are so many good things happening! I guess there isn't really much else on my mind, but I know that this is what I am supposed to me doing. Some days are a bit tougher than others, but all in all, I love this work! It's the best! I hope and pray for your safety and happiness! I love you and miss you!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 44: Santa Fe Hills - San Marcos!

Hi Mom!

Yes, I'm in San Marcos again, as a ZL with E.Ellis! So VC is now just a regular missionary area now, and the ZLs in Carlsbad are still the ZL's for the Spanish missionaries and some English missionaries. There were a lot of women taking pictures and posting it on the Carlsbad missionary moms page, but I'm not sure if you saw those. Anyway, this area is about the same as my old area in SM, but just English speaking. There's no Spanish group like there is in VC, but I really like the ward! E. Ellis is a great comp too! We are working so hard! We had a baptism yesterday, but I hardly met the kid before his baptism, so I wouldn't really say it was OURS, but just his. It was kind of funny though because I said a prayer, was a witness and stood in when confirming him! I felt a bit odd for being so involved in a baptism in which I didn't even teach the person being baptized. But it was still a great baptism! The teaching pool is a little weak as of now, but we are working super hard in order to find people, and as a result we already found a lady named Carole who wants to be baptized! Super cool miracle!

Email from a member Yes, they were doing service today. It's actually kind of a cool story.  There is this older neighbor lady down the street (whom we'd never met) who had prayed for someone to help her with re-doing her yard...and guess who showed up on her doorstep shortly thereafter?  Yep!  The elders happened by when she was working outside and asked if they could give her a hand.  She knew they were an answer to her prayer.  Anyway, so the elders let us know about her, and we've spent the last two weekends, with her and the elders, getting her yard redone!  I think the elders made quite an impression!  Anyway, she said she was in between churches right now, so she decided to come to ours last week, and seemed to really enjoy it.  Your son and his companion taught her the first lesson today as we were eating lunch together, and asked her if she would like to be baptized.  She agreed! Super awesome!  I feel so blessed to be a part of this little miracle...and it has been great getting to know Elder Farley a little better.  He is a hard worker and a really good teacher!  

So I am really liking the area and being here with E. Ellis! We bike probably like 8-10 miles a day on average, and we contact about 40 people a day, so it's pretty fun! I'd say that it's hard work, but missionary work it fun, so it's not really "hard" for me:) The better we are able to enjoy the hard, difficult, uncomfortable, and challenging things in this life, the more fun and joyful we will be! Even when we look at our trials as a way to gain more experience, understand, and appreciate the joys of this life, those trials will not remain so daunting! Everything can be made simpler and easier to understand with the gospel! It's so great!

Sounds like things are going great at home! I am excited for all the fun and new things that are happening! The email from sister Nielson was about our investigator Carole! And yes, she came to church!

I dont have much time left to email, but my assignment is the same as the one I had in VC when I first got there with E.B. As a ZL we Lift, Encourage, Inspire, and Bless the missionaries in our zone as best we can. The acronym is LEIB (Love in German. I thought dad would like that;) We give training meetings once or twice a transfer which is determined on what the missionaries need and what we feel will help them. We determine what they need help with through doing exchanges and collecting numbers from what they had done the weeks previous. So all that, as well as a lot of errand running is what we do;) but I love it!

Well, I've got to go! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 43: Goodbye Valley Center :(

Hi Mom,

This last week went pretty well. We picked up a Guatemalan family of 8, and got a referral for a lady who wants to get baptized already! As well, we have like 5 other investigators who are ready to be baptized like now! But... I'm getting transferred!! It stinks... But I can't be prideful and covet the baptisms that Elder Murdock and his future comp will have because the work of salvation is not a competition to see who can baptize more, or have the best numbers. This is a work that all the saints of God are a part of. We are to help Him bring to pass the eternal life of all men! So, rather than thinking of the future baptisms as touchdowns made against me, I'm going to see them as one of my teammates scoring instead! (Man, football can be an analogy for everything;)

So with transfers, the only thing I know is that I'm going, there is going to be a new Spanish area opened up here in Esco, and that the Spanish zones are being dissolved. I really have no clue on where I am going to go... But the decisions have already been made by President and the APs, so speculation really gets us nowhere. I guess I will find out tomorrow! I love the mystery and anticipation that comes with transfers! haha
Last haircut day with Sister Rush...thank you!!

It sounds like there have been some fun and interesting events that have happened this last week! That's crazy that both Chloe and Heidi Wells got engaged in the same week! Sydnee has got to keep up! haha. That's awesome that Jacob went ZL! He'll really help out a lot of missionaries!

So I don't have much time left, but I was on an exchange last week and we biked for about an hour and went like 8 miles uphill to teach an investigator. I did a baptismal interview and she was totally ready! Then we biked another 10 miles (some downhill luckily) and taught another lesson and picked up a new investigator! Then we biked another 5 miles from there and taught another lesson and picked up a second investigator! This was all in one day! So that just really increased my testimony that the Lord will bless up for putting in the hard work and showing our faith! I am ready for a new biking area!:)

That's all I got! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 42: Temple Trip & Last Week of the Transfer!

Last District Meeting of the Transfer
Hey Mom!

So, sadly H.(the boy from the boys home) mom said that he cant get baptized... But she is really sick apparently, so our bishop and WML are going to visit her and talk about H. baptism, and perhaps give her a blessing! We also set a date with C.(the girl who was waiting on permission from her mom) last night for the 28th! Other than that, we have a few other people that are progressing really well! So the work is still moving forward really well here in VC! The 2nd councilor in our ward was conducting the meeting yesterday, and after the two confirmations he said "I know it seems like we almost have a baptism every week in this ward, and that's because we do almost have a baptism every week! Our missionaries sure are doing a great job!" I thought it was pretty funny! We just got to keep it up!

San Diego Temple Trip
So this last Friday was MLC (mission leadership council) and we got trained on different aspects of missionary work and leadership, but after the meeting President had the Spanish Zones' leaders stay to discuss how the Spanish Zones were working and if we should keep them. We talked for a bit and ultimately came to the conclusion that we should revert back to how the zones were previously, but just do a few things differently to be the most effective! So that means that VC will most likely become a ZL area again, but I'm not certain on that. President may change that. So there will be some switches going on again here pretty soon. I did hear that there is going to be a big group leaving this transfer, but I am not sure on how many or how many greenies are coming in. I'd love to train, but I don't think missionaries get new areas and train at the same time.

To answer your question about people in VC who I've taught who got baptized are: O.A, K.A, R.H, R.H, M.H, T.J, A.R, M.O-S, and J.J-S. Baptisms are great!:)

Sorry this email isn't too long, but there hasn't been too much that has happened this past week that takes a lot of typing... haha. But thank you for all that you do for me, Mom! I love you and hope you have a great week! I'll see you in 200 days;) haha

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 41: Two More Baptisms

Bike Shop Fun
Hey Mom!

The crazy/fun times never end at the Farley home, it seems! I am glad to hear that everyone is still doing well! Every month for me is going by faster and faster! It's crazy that I'm getting close to a year already! This coming transfer meeting will be on my 11 month mark.

I did hear about Elder Perry. I was amazed! I thought he'd be around for a lot longer! But the Lord has His ways and Elder Perry's work must have been finished. I really like that quote though. Life isn't meant to be a cakewalk. We are here to be tested and tried, but like Elder Perry said in that quote, we have to remain positive and do our best to look for the good in life. President Monson has a really good talk titled "Finding Joy in the Journey" that deals with that concept. We are here that "we might have joy" says 2 Nephi 2:27, and that doesn't come from focusing on the negative. Like any sport, if you focus on how hard the practices or games are, and how much you hurt or how tired you are, you'll never have fun while playing. The same thing applies for our lives! If we do the hard things and look at the happiness and joy there is, we will enjoy the time we have here on the Earth. I am super grateful for the life Elder Perry lived and the teachings he provided us with! Living prophets are really one of the biggest blessings that god gives us.

The last couple of baptisms went really well. M and J got baptized, and we are hoping to get their other two siblings and parents here pretty soon! Next week we are going to have a baptism for one of the boys from the Boys Home! His name is H, and he's a boss! After that we are hoping for two others! It's great! I love the mission life! The saddest thing is when people don't accept the gospel, but the good part is that they will always have a second chance!

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I hope this next week is a little less crazy for you! haha, I love you and hope and pray the best for you!

Elder Brian Farley