Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 41: Two More Baptisms

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Hey Mom!

The crazy/fun times never end at the Farley home, it seems! I am glad to hear that everyone is still doing well! Every month for me is going by faster and faster! It's crazy that I'm getting close to a year already! This coming transfer meeting will be on my 11 month mark.

I did hear about Elder Perry. I was amazed! I thought he'd be around for a lot longer! But the Lord has His ways and Elder Perry's work must have been finished. I really like that quote though. Life isn't meant to be a cakewalk. We are here to be tested and tried, but like Elder Perry said in that quote, we have to remain positive and do our best to look for the good in life. President Monson has a really good talk titled "Finding Joy in the Journey" that deals with that concept. We are here that "we might have joy" says 2 Nephi 2:27, and that doesn't come from focusing on the negative. Like any sport, if you focus on how hard the practices or games are, and how much you hurt or how tired you are, you'll never have fun while playing. The same thing applies for our lives! If we do the hard things and look at the happiness and joy there is, we will enjoy the time we have here on the Earth. I am super grateful for the life Elder Perry lived and the teachings he provided us with! Living prophets are really one of the biggest blessings that god gives us.

The last couple of baptisms went really well. M and J got baptized, and we are hoping to get their other two siblings and parents here pretty soon! Next week we are going to have a baptism for one of the boys from the Boys Home! His name is H, and he's a boss! After that we are hoping for two others! It's great! I love the mission life! The saddest thing is when people don't accept the gospel, but the good part is that they will always have a second chance!

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! I hope this next week is a little less crazy for you! haha, I love you and hope and pray the best for you!

Elder Brian Farley

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