Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 42: Temple Trip & Last Week of the Transfer!

Last District Meeting of the Transfer
Hey Mom!

So, sadly H.(the boy from the boys home) mom said that he cant get baptized... But she is really sick apparently, so our bishop and WML are going to visit her and talk about H. baptism, and perhaps give her a blessing! We also set a date with C.(the girl who was waiting on permission from her mom) last night for the 28th! Other than that, we have a few other people that are progressing really well! So the work is still moving forward really well here in VC! The 2nd councilor in our ward was conducting the meeting yesterday, and after the two confirmations he said "I know it seems like we almost have a baptism every week in this ward, and that's because we do almost have a baptism every week! Our missionaries sure are doing a great job!" I thought it was pretty funny! We just got to keep it up!

San Diego Temple Trip
So this last Friday was MLC (mission leadership council) and we got trained on different aspects of missionary work and leadership, but after the meeting President had the Spanish Zones' leaders stay to discuss how the Spanish Zones were working and if we should keep them. We talked for a bit and ultimately came to the conclusion that we should revert back to how the zones were previously, but just do a few things differently to be the most effective! So that means that VC will most likely become a ZL area again, but I'm not certain on that. President may change that. So there will be some switches going on again here pretty soon. I did hear that there is going to be a big group leaving this transfer, but I am not sure on how many or how many greenies are coming in. I'd love to train, but I don't think missionaries get new areas and train at the same time.

To answer your question about people in VC who I've taught who got baptized are: O.A, K.A, R.H, R.H, M.H, T.J, A.R, M.O-S, and J.J-S. Baptisms are great!:)

Sorry this email isn't too long, but there hasn't been too much that has happened this past week that takes a lot of typing... haha. But thank you for all that you do for me, Mom! I love you and hope you have a great week! I'll see you in 200 days;) haha

Elder Brian Farley

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