Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 43: Goodbye Valley Center :(

Hi Mom,

This last week went pretty well. We picked up a Guatemalan family of 8, and got a referral for a lady who wants to get baptized already! As well, we have like 5 other investigators who are ready to be baptized like now! But... I'm getting transferred!! It stinks... But I can't be prideful and covet the baptisms that Elder Murdock and his future comp will have because the work of salvation is not a competition to see who can baptize more, or have the best numbers. This is a work that all the saints of God are a part of. We are to help Him bring to pass the eternal life of all men! So, rather than thinking of the future baptisms as touchdowns made against me, I'm going to see them as one of my teammates scoring instead! (Man, football can be an analogy for everything;)

So with transfers, the only thing I know is that I'm going, there is going to be a new Spanish area opened up here in Esco, and that the Spanish zones are being dissolved. I really have no clue on where I am going to go... But the decisions have already been made by President and the APs, so speculation really gets us nowhere. I guess I will find out tomorrow! I love the mystery and anticipation that comes with transfers! haha
Last haircut day with Sister Rush...thank you!!

It sounds like there have been some fun and interesting events that have happened this last week! That's crazy that both Chloe and Heidi Wells got engaged in the same week! Sydnee has got to keep up! haha. That's awesome that Jacob went ZL! He'll really help out a lot of missionaries!

So I don't have much time left, but I was on an exchange last week and we biked for about an hour and went like 8 miles uphill to teach an investigator. I did a baptismal interview and she was totally ready! Then we biked another 10 miles (some downhill luckily) and taught another lesson and picked up a new investigator! Then we biked another 5 miles from there and taught another lesson and picked up a second investigator! This was all in one day! So that just really increased my testimony that the Lord will bless up for putting in the hard work and showing our faith! I am ready for a new biking area!:)

That's all I got! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

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