Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 47: Hump Day!!

Elder Ellis, Chief, Elder Farley
Hey Mom!

So its almost hump day and I now know how Sean felt when he hit his halfway point. The time sure does fly by. I was talking to another elder about it the other day, and its just crazy that I have more time behind me than in front of me out here. I still have more field time to go because I was in the MTC for a transfer, but still. Nevertheless, I am still excited to get the Hump day package! I bet it's going to be awesome considering the one you sent to Sean! I probably wont get to open it for a week though, because there is a rue about opening mail throughout the week. Only on p-day we can open mail. Soooooo.... haha. It's all good though.

Anyway, now to the mission life! This week has been crazy! Our new investigator, "I", is so great! (he is a hip-hop rap artist! So sweet!) We had a lesson with him on Monday morning and night, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday! We set a baptismal date with him for the 26th, and he already has a huge testimony of the Church! He just needs to give up some addictions and go to church and he'll be ready! His wife is also really happy that we are teaching him and will soon be taking the lessons! That was the biggest miracle of this week! But we also got a text from a recent move in to the ward who was telling us that their neighbor was just moving in as well and that we should come and help them move. Turns out that they are not members, but they are super cool! We talked to them about the Church, the Prophet, the Apostles, and missions, and they seemed pretty interested! The members next door helped them move, as well as members who lived down the street a bit! So all their neighbors that they know are Mormon! haha. So at the very end the members next door told us that we are eating dinner with them on the 26th and then invited the non-member family (the Gibson's) to join us that day, and they said they'd come! So that was another really cool miracle! The Santa Fe Hills Ward has got a lot of good stuff happening! Oh, as well as a kid who is a member's friend who wants to get baptized! MEMBER WORK WORKS! Super sweet!:)

Spanish is still going well. I can still talk to anyone without really thinking about what I am saying, but I am just forgetting some words here and there. I get Spanish study like once a week... And even then its not much. But I'll survive ;)

The past couple days have been a bit hectic because Elder Jensen has strep Today has really been busy, but I have more time to email today for sure.

I'm not sure on what else to say... But things are going well, the Church is true, and I'm having a blast! I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Brian Farley

Roommates thought this was a funny prank to pull on the ZL's! 

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