Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 48: After Hump Day!

Hi Mom!

So this week went by really quick! Because of our mail rule, I wasn't able to open my 'Hump Day' package until this morning, and it seems like just yesterday that I got the package! Anyway, all the gifts and things you sent are greatly appreciated by me and the other Elders! haha.  I shared the cookies with them and let them check out all my other goodies!

But things here are going really well! E. Jensen is no longer sick and no one else is either! The San Marcos Zone is doing alright. The mission isn't a cakewalk, but that never means we give up. Besides, if we do everything in our power to build the Kingdom we can walk with our heads high, knowing that we have been faithful in our efforts. That's what I wish the zone would internalize. That, and working as if it all relies on us, but having faith and hope in the Lord as if it all relies on Him.

Our investigator "I" is still doing great! He came to church yesterday and loved it! He said he is going to bring the rest of his family next week too! He is a really good learner too! We had a lesson in Elders quorum about the oath and covenant of the priesthood and he understood ever part of it and had no problems! He told us that he has a lot of questions for us, but then quickly said "nothing bad, I'm just curious about some things." So we are going to be playing volleyball with him and the rest of the zone today and then have a lesson tomorrow! His only problem is with the Word of Wisdom, but he's really trying to quit! He's so close!

Other than "I", there hasn't been much happening with our other investigators, but we'll get in contact and meet with them soon!

The other events of this week have been breaking my bike (which is now in the shop. And I gave them Dad's number for some reason, so they'll call dad when the bike is fixed... whoops), getting a bike from a member for the time being, and having a blast in the rain! It's been a fun week!

To answer your questions:
Yes, Im still planning on USU
And I loved the 'Hump Day' package! It was super funny! I was expecting camel things like Sean's package(that was a year and a half ago!)!
And we are in the San Marcos Zone

That's all that I've got! Thanks for all your help and support! I am so blessed to have a mom like you and to be in our family! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Farley

ps. no pictures this week... I don't know where my picture connector thing went.. I'll find it though

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