Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 49: Pioneer Day

Hi Mom!

What a week, right? haha. It was pretty eventful for me as well! I am glad that all is well for you and that everyone is safe, healthy and happy!

So this week was full of fun! We went to the Stake "July Jubilee" (Pioneer Day celebration) and had a great time! I feel like it was hyped up to more than it actually was, but it was good, nonetheless. E.E and I were in charge of the dunk tank where the 12-17 year olds would come up and try to dunk various church leaders! But it turned out to be a bunch of 2-10 year olds and their parents... So it was a handful... The parents more than the children, but it was fun! We didn't pick up any new investigators from it, but we did give a lot of help in making it a success!

The other really cool thing was that we picked up 3 new investigators from members! One lady is a friend of a recent convert, and the other two are a couple that live next door to some members. So we helped the G's move in a couple weeks ago and Sister W. invited then to dinner with us and some other members who are neighbors. They came and had a great time and we were then able to share a message about building our lives upon the perfect foundation, who is Christ (Helaman 5:12). They seemed to enjoy it, but we had to get going. Later that night we got a call from Sister W. She said that the G's kept asking all these questions about what we believe and the W's handled it perfectly! They invited the G's to take the missionary lessons, and they accepted! So we are going to be setting something up today with them! Super cool miracle! So... yeah. Missionary work is the best! Sister W. also told us that she is going to sign up on the dinner calendar once a month and she wants us to invite any investigators that we are working with to go! Super sweet! I am totally going to do that with the missionaries when I get older!

Aside from that, E. Ellis is going to be leaving the area and I am going to be getting a new comp! It is sad, but I know my next comp will be great! The mission is full of great missionaries! We would've gone to transfers anyways to haul bikes around. But there are a lot of things we are going to be starting up with the Zone for this next transfer. I feel like we weren't that best ZLs we could've or should've been, but we have many ideas that we will be implementing into the Zone for this next transfer! Missionary work it the BEST!

Thanks for being so great, Mom! It sure does help! We are all extremely blessed to have the true and everlasting gospel in our lives to lead us back to our Heavenly Father. His purpose is to get us back home, and our purpose is to help Him achieve that! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

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