Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 54: Stake Conference...Joy!!

Hi Mom!

I am doing great! No worries in sending all the pictures. I wont ever get trunky! haha
"A" is doing really well! She has such a strong testimony! She still has a lot missing on the doctrinal standpoint, but that's what the Holy Ghost helps with!:) So we go over every Wednesday and teach her and her fellowshipper, "L", who is a RC as well. We taught "M" after Stake Conference yesterday (she went!) and we taught her about the strengthening and redeeming power of the Atonement, and then transitioned to baptism! We set a date for the 12th of Sept and she is solid for it!:) Super cool! "M" wasn't able to meet this last week, but we are hoping to meet with him here pretty soon. Tom has been dodging us a bit, but we are going to be doing our best to get back in contact with him!

Stake Conference was held at the Stake Center(obviously) and we watched a broadcast of it in another building. So when they first started the broadcast I saw the other "A" (RC from VC) sitting on the stand!!! I was thinking "well, she is either giving a talk or saying a prayer!" So after someone else gave the opening prayer, I knew she must be giving a talk! I cant even explain the joy I felt as I saw her up there. She had just been baptized like 3 months ago, and now she's speaking in Stake Conference!!! I was so happy! Explainable joy:) Sadly, the connection cut out just as she was starting her talk and came back right after she finished... But just seeing that she is still doing so well made me feel so happy and proud of her:) So that was the best part of the week for me:)

Sounds like your week went well! Its funny to hear about the dogs.

I don't have very much time left (sorry its another short email... we have a zone activity today.) but, to answer your questions, I only use Spanish when contacting Spanish speakers and sometimes when I'm with E.M (he always says "Lo siento, pero no entiendo" haha. all he knows.) and I did get the package, but I didn't get the letter. Next week;) haha. The ties are great! We love them!

Well, got to go, Mommy! I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Brian Farley

ps. Pday on Tuesday next week. not sure on how that'll work considering that is transfers and we will have to go since we are ZLs... Oh well! haha
Also, I lost my Subway card while biking, so DONT refill it! Unless you would like to feed the homeless;) haha
love you!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 53: Baptism

Hi Mom! 

It sounds like you had a really good week!(aside from the minor inconveniences) It will be fun to take a lake trip after the mission, but as of now, I am only focusing on the work here! haha;) Was I told Summer has 2 dogs? 

A. did get baptized this last Saturday! It went great! She has a bad back, so the plan was to have her sit down on a stool and go forward into the water(and she is terrified of water too...) So after brother Wright said the prayer, she sat down and leaned forward, but didn't quite fit!!! Oh no! Well, brother Wright is awesome and he somehow flipped her around and got her under! He even used his head to get her down all the way!! He's great! haha. We thought she'd be like "That was the worst experience ever!!!" but when she came back up out of the water, she said "That wasn't so bad." So awesome! I was then able to confirm her a member the next day at church:) As well, E.M and I were asked Saturday night to give a talk in church! I felt really good about my talk and everyone was telling us thanks for the talk! So I think the ward really trusts us!

We also taught the girlfriend (Marilyn) of one of the youth in the ward and she is super solid! I really don't think this is a "flirt to convert" but that she has real intent about this! So we set a date with her on Tuesday to be baptized on the 30th, but she said she'd need more time. She is so ready though! We also ran into another guy M. who grew up LDS but was never baptized. He and his family were going to church up in NorCal and the moved a week before their baptism! What?! His family recently had a loss in their family and he said they would like to come to church and get back on the path to becoming members!! As well, we talked to a guy from China who graduated from a Baptist College and just has a basic foundation of Christianity who let us in and told us that he'd like to come to church and get involved! SO SO SO many miracles!!! I love the work out here!

I honestly feel that a lot of this happened because of the talks we were able to give at church. Reason being that the Lord will not give the missionaries work if He cannot trust the members of the ward or the missionaries. So the missionaries have to be living right and working hard, and the members have to trust the missionaries and be willing to work in order to gain the Lord's trust to allow us to do missionary work. I feel like our talks really built the ward's trust in us and because of that, built the Lord's trust in the ward! Super sweet! Anyways, I don't have much more time, but that's the rundown for this week! I love you and hope all goes well this next week! 

Elder Brian Farley

ps. got the quotes, thanks! Not anything else though. Probably next week. As of now I can think of anything I need! Thanks, Mom!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 52: New Companion!

Hi Mom! 

This week was pretty crazy, but good!  My new comp is Elder Mardesich! (Like Marta's itch haha;). He has only been out about 6 months, but he's a really good elder. He was in the zone in the Discovery Hills ward. He is from Saratoga Springs, UT. 

We had a crazy experience though! We had a lesson with our investigator, "A", and we set a potential date for like late September. Then the next morning we got a call from our ward mission leader, brother Wright (also one of her fellowshipers) and he said that she wants to get baptized this Saturday!!! So sweet! Miracles! So E. Mardesich will have a great first full week! On the same topic of investigators," I" dropped us this week. So that was a shame. But we have a lot of good potential for the future! So I am still really excited!

Sounds like the dogs are proving to be a good investment;) That's so cool that you are having a family be taught in your home! I am super happy for you! There aren't that many families that do that! I hope everything continues well with that!

Not much else to report. We have a lot of great members that are super willing to do missionary work, which is great! I love it when members want to help other people come unto the gospel! Missionary work is sometimes stressful or uncomfortable, but it brings such a great reward! The Prophet Joseph Smith said that the most important thing is to share the gospel, and that is so true! Without it there is no way for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father! Everyone needs to be working with someone. All who have it need to be sharing this amazing gospel, because everyone needs it. I am so happy to be our here on the Lord's errand! It's the best! I love you and hope you remain happy and safe! 

Duct Tape...

Love your son,
Elder Brian Farley

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 51: San Marcos Zone Doing Good!

A monster-hill that we conquered!!!
Hi Mom!

Sounds like there are good things happening with the puppies! I bet dad isn't the most thrilled about the puppy stage, but he'll like them a lot when they are grown and up in the mountains with him! I think it'll be super cool to have them be trained well enough to follow exactly what we say! We will actually have trained dogs! So cool!
Anyway, I am so stoked for Danny! He is going to do great! I already sent him an email;) haha.
Elder Rosales is really cool.  He's a good kid. He's from Roberts, ID. Population: like 400-500! haha. He is really close to Rexburg though. We don't have any roommates, which makes life less hectic, so that's good. But Elder Jensen is a ZL in Esco right now! Super cool!
We only had "A." at church yesterday. "I." told us that he and his friend wanted to come to church, but early yesterday morning he told us that he couldn't... And "T." went to a funeral. But we have been finding more people recently and teaching more lessons, and the Zone is doing a lot better as well! I think greenies are really doing our Zone good!

Biking with Elder Rosales!

If you could print off and sent 16 4x6 pictures of that, that'd be awesome! Thank you!:)

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! Whenever I mention a few things that you've done for me growing up, or on my mission, everyone is like "Dang, your mom is awesome!" And I'm like "Yeah, she's the best!" I love you mom!

E. Farley didn't go to ITT Technical School...his attempt at "fixing" his camera. New one on it's way to CCM!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 50: New comp...Elder Rosales!

Hi Mom!

So I did get the package from Sister N. She was just like "here you go" when I saw her at church! haha. But I loved it all! The ties are really cool and the cookies are great! Thanks for sending out the clothes as well! The Aggies shirt is awesome! I always get the best stuff from you:) thanks!

Sounds like this week had a lot of things going on, but not to the point of overwhelming you, so thats good! I have been thinking a lot about the Sabbath Day and what we do to keep it holy, the importance of it and the blessings we receive by keeping it holy! On my mission I've had so many great Sundays, and the time spent in Sunday meetings were especially good! I feel the Spirit so strong in the meetings and am able to see so many great blessings as I strive to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Today I was actually reading about the Sabbath Day and what was done in the Old Testament times under the Mosaic law. Every Sabbath they'd rest and follow exactly what it says in Exodus, but every 7 years would be a year of rest, and every 7X7 years they'd have a year of "jubilee" where all debts were forgiven and everyone starts anew! So I was thinking about that and how we live the higher law than that of the Mosaic law. So by living the higher law we should be living even closer to how God would have us live than how the people in the Old Testament were living. If they were that obedient and forgiving in their law, shouldn't we be that and more? Thats kind of how my thought process has been about that. I guess those are my thoughts as of now in regards to the Sabbath Day. haha.

The area is doing well! We had 4 investigators at church yesterday! One was a eternigator who decided he was going to get some financial things taken care of and get baptized in March. At first I was like "yeah... Ok dude, sure you'll get baptized then", but he is super solid about it! So thats cool! "I" came to church and loved it again! He ran into some other sisters in the zone and told them that his date is the 8th! He's so solid! Just need to cut the cigs and he'll be good! We also had "A", our recent convert's friend come to church who is super solid as well! A lot is going really well in our area!

My new comp is not Elder Rosales! So I guess its Rosa for short! but he's really cool and has fun with the work. We are still working on being more obedient with the little things because we are going to be the examples as ZLs! My camera broke this week, so I dont have any pictures of him...

And as a Zone, we've come up with our Zone Vision! It is:
We "qualify [ourselves] for the work" as found in D&C 4:5-6. We talk to everyone. We baptize! We pray as though everything relies on the Lord, and work as though everything relies on ourselves! We are the San Marcos Zone!
We think it's pretty good! And the Zone is really pumped for this transfer!

I dont have very much time left, so I've got to go!
I love you and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley