Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 52: New Companion!

Hi Mom! 

This week was pretty crazy, but good!  My new comp is Elder Mardesich! (Like Marta's itch haha;). He has only been out about 6 months, but he's a really good elder. He was in the zone in the Discovery Hills ward. He is from Saratoga Springs, UT. 

We had a crazy experience though! We had a lesson with our investigator, "A", and we set a potential date for like late September. Then the next morning we got a call from our ward mission leader, brother Wright (also one of her fellowshipers) and he said that she wants to get baptized this Saturday!!! So sweet! Miracles! So E. Mardesich will have a great first full week! On the same topic of investigators," I" dropped us this week. So that was a shame. But we have a lot of good potential for the future! So I am still really excited!

Sounds like the dogs are proving to be a good investment;) That's so cool that you are having a family be taught in your home! I am super happy for you! There aren't that many families that do that! I hope everything continues well with that!

Not much else to report. We have a lot of great members that are super willing to do missionary work, which is great! I love it when members want to help other people come unto the gospel! Missionary work is sometimes stressful or uncomfortable, but it brings such a great reward! The Prophet Joseph Smith said that the most important thing is to share the gospel, and that is so true! Without it there is no way for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father! Everyone needs to be working with someone. All who have it need to be sharing this amazing gospel, because everyone needs it. I am so happy to be our here on the Lord's errand! It's the best! I love you and hope you remain happy and safe! 

Duct Tape...

Love your son,
Elder Brian Farley

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