Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 50: New comp...Elder Rosales!

Hi Mom!

So I did get the package from Sister N. She was just like "here you go" when I saw her at church! haha. But I loved it all! The ties are really cool and the cookies are great! Thanks for sending out the clothes as well! The Aggies shirt is awesome! I always get the best stuff from you:) thanks!

Sounds like this week had a lot of things going on, but not to the point of overwhelming you, so thats good! I have been thinking a lot about the Sabbath Day and what we do to keep it holy, the importance of it and the blessings we receive by keeping it holy! On my mission I've had so many great Sundays, and the time spent in Sunday meetings were especially good! I feel the Spirit so strong in the meetings and am able to see so many great blessings as I strive to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Today I was actually reading about the Sabbath Day and what was done in the Old Testament times under the Mosaic law. Every Sabbath they'd rest and follow exactly what it says in Exodus, but every 7 years would be a year of rest, and every 7X7 years they'd have a year of "jubilee" where all debts were forgiven and everyone starts anew! So I was thinking about that and how we live the higher law than that of the Mosaic law. So by living the higher law we should be living even closer to how God would have us live than how the people in the Old Testament were living. If they were that obedient and forgiving in their law, shouldn't we be that and more? Thats kind of how my thought process has been about that. I guess those are my thoughts as of now in regards to the Sabbath Day. haha.

The area is doing well! We had 4 investigators at church yesterday! One was a eternigator who decided he was going to get some financial things taken care of and get baptized in March. At first I was like "yeah... Ok dude, sure you'll get baptized then", but he is super solid about it! So thats cool! "I" came to church and loved it again! He ran into some other sisters in the zone and told them that his date is the 8th! He's so solid! Just need to cut the cigs and he'll be good! We also had "A", our recent convert's friend come to church who is super solid as well! A lot is going really well in our area!

My new comp is not Elder Rosales! So I guess its Rosa for short! but he's really cool and has fun with the work. We are still working on being more obedient with the little things because we are going to be the examples as ZLs! My camera broke this week, so I dont have any pictures of him...

And as a Zone, we've come up with our Zone Vision! It is:
We "qualify [ourselves] for the work" as found in D&C 4:5-6. We talk to everyone. We baptize! We pray as though everything relies on the Lord, and work as though everything relies on ourselves! We are the San Marcos Zone!
We think it's pretty good! And the Zone is really pumped for this transfer!

I dont have very much time left, so I've got to go!
I love you and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Brian Farley

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