Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 51: San Marcos Zone Doing Good!

A monster-hill that we conquered!!!
Hi Mom!

Sounds like there are good things happening with the puppies! I bet dad isn't the most thrilled about the puppy stage, but he'll like them a lot when they are grown and up in the mountains with him! I think it'll be super cool to have them be trained well enough to follow exactly what we say! We will actually have trained dogs! So cool!
Anyway, I am so stoked for Danny! He is going to do great! I already sent him an email;) haha.
Elder Rosales is really cool.  He's a good kid. He's from Roberts, ID. Population: like 400-500! haha. He is really close to Rexburg though. We don't have any roommates, which makes life less hectic, so that's good. But Elder Jensen is a ZL in Esco right now! Super cool!
We only had "A." at church yesterday. "I." told us that he and his friend wanted to come to church, but early yesterday morning he told us that he couldn't... And "T." went to a funeral. But we have been finding more people recently and teaching more lessons, and the Zone is doing a lot better as well! I think greenies are really doing our Zone good!

Biking with Elder Rosales!

If you could print off and sent 16 4x6 pictures of that, that'd be awesome! Thank you!:)

Thanks for all that you do for me, Mom! Whenever I mention a few things that you've done for me growing up, or on my mission, everyone is like "Dang, your mom is awesome!" And I'm like "Yeah, she's the best!" I love you mom!

E. Farley didn't go to ITT Technical School...his attempt at "fixing" his camera. New one on it's way to CCM!

Elder Brian Farley

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