Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 53: Baptism

Hi Mom! 

It sounds like you had a really good week!(aside from the minor inconveniences) It will be fun to take a lake trip after the mission, but as of now, I am only focusing on the work here! haha;) Was I told Summer has 2 dogs? 

A. did get baptized this last Saturday! It went great! She has a bad back, so the plan was to have her sit down on a stool and go forward into the water(and she is terrified of water too...) So after brother Wright said the prayer, she sat down and leaned forward, but didn't quite fit!!! Oh no! Well, brother Wright is awesome and he somehow flipped her around and got her under! He even used his head to get her down all the way!! He's great! haha. We thought she'd be like "That was the worst experience ever!!!" but when she came back up out of the water, she said "That wasn't so bad." So awesome! I was then able to confirm her a member the next day at church:) As well, E.M and I were asked Saturday night to give a talk in church! I felt really good about my talk and everyone was telling us thanks for the talk! So I think the ward really trusts us!

We also taught the girlfriend (Marilyn) of one of the youth in the ward and she is super solid! I really don't think this is a "flirt to convert" but that she has real intent about this! So we set a date with her on Tuesday to be baptized on the 30th, but she said she'd need more time. She is so ready though! We also ran into another guy M. who grew up LDS but was never baptized. He and his family were going to church up in NorCal and the moved a week before their baptism! What?! His family recently had a loss in their family and he said they would like to come to church and get back on the path to becoming members!! As well, we talked to a guy from China who graduated from a Baptist College and just has a basic foundation of Christianity who let us in and told us that he'd like to come to church and get involved! SO SO SO many miracles!!! I love the work out here!

I honestly feel that a lot of this happened because of the talks we were able to give at church. Reason being that the Lord will not give the missionaries work if He cannot trust the members of the ward or the missionaries. So the missionaries have to be living right and working hard, and the members have to trust the missionaries and be willing to work in order to gain the Lord's trust to allow us to do missionary work. I feel like our talks really built the ward's trust in us and because of that, built the Lord's trust in the ward! Super sweet! Anyways, I don't have much more time, but that's the rundown for this week! I love you and hope all goes well this next week! 

Elder Brian Farley

ps. got the quotes, thanks! Not anything else though. Probably next week. As of now I can think of anything I need! Thanks, Mom!

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