Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 54: Stake Conference...Joy!!

Hi Mom!

I am doing great! No worries in sending all the pictures. I wont ever get trunky! haha
"A" is doing really well! She has such a strong testimony! She still has a lot missing on the doctrinal standpoint, but that's what the Holy Ghost helps with!:) So we go over every Wednesday and teach her and her fellowshipper, "L", who is a RC as well. We taught "M" after Stake Conference yesterday (she went!) and we taught her about the strengthening and redeeming power of the Atonement, and then transitioned to baptism! We set a date for the 12th of Sept and she is solid for it!:) Super cool! "M" wasn't able to meet this last week, but we are hoping to meet with him here pretty soon. Tom has been dodging us a bit, but we are going to be doing our best to get back in contact with him!

Stake Conference was held at the Stake Center(obviously) and we watched a broadcast of it in another building. So when they first started the broadcast I saw the other "A" (RC from VC) sitting on the stand!!! I was thinking "well, she is either giving a talk or saying a prayer!" So after someone else gave the opening prayer, I knew she must be giving a talk! I cant even explain the joy I felt as I saw her up there. She had just been baptized like 3 months ago, and now she's speaking in Stake Conference!!! I was so happy! Explainable joy:) Sadly, the connection cut out just as she was starting her talk and came back right after she finished... But just seeing that she is still doing so well made me feel so happy and proud of her:) So that was the best part of the week for me:)

Sounds like your week went well! Its funny to hear about the dogs.

I don't have very much time left (sorry its another short email... we have a zone activity today.) but, to answer your questions, I only use Spanish when contacting Spanish speakers and sometimes when I'm with E.M (he always says "Lo siento, pero no entiendo" haha. all he knows.) and I did get the package, but I didn't get the letter. Next week;) haha. The ties are great! We love them!

Well, got to go, Mommy! I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Brian Farley

ps. Pday on Tuesday next week. not sure on how that'll work considering that is transfers and we will have to go since we are ZLs... Oh well! haha
Also, I lost my Subway card while biking, so DONT refill it! Unless you would like to feed the homeless;) haha
love you!

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