Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 58: The Gospel is so Important...

Hi Mom!

There are still things that are a bit stressful here and there every once and a while, but nothing too extreme. Mainly just trainings and other meetings are what cause a bit of stress, but we all work together and as a team so we're good! My bike is alright. I messed it up again, but Elder Smith has some spare parts that I can use to fix it! No worries!:) Things with S. and B. have slowed down a bit. They didnt come to church, but we are still working with them. There are a couple other investigators that are really solid that we picked up last week. They are both down to progress towards baptism! So it's just a matter of meeting with them now. That always seems to be the biggest issue. We do have a USB port in the truck, but I still have the other drive you sent from last conference, so I can still use that.  

Sounds like all is well in F-town though! I hope Cache heals up quick! I cant believe MJ is almost home! I was in the MTC with her! I feel like I am still so young in the mission, but that's not the truth anymore. It's so crazy! Missions fly by way too quick. Theres not enough time to do all the baptizing we need to do while here on the mish, so thats why the members need to do the work too! The gospel is so important and is needed for all mankind to inherit the Kingdom of God. It's the most amazing thing in the world!!! Why not share it?? I just think there are a lot of members who dont do their part in sharing the gospel with their friends. I am so grateful that you and dad are doing such a great job, regardless of any circumstances, at sharing the gospel! Keep up the great work!:) I know there is no better thing to be doing than sharing the gospel! I lobe you and hope you have a fantastic week, Mom!

Elder Brian Farley

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 57: Great Potential in this Area!

Hi Mom!

So this week went really well! To fill you in, I am doing great and the work is progressing quite well! We have a full-time car (my old truck from VC!), but we often ride our bikes around so we can talk to people outside. The ward is good. We had two of our investigators and their kids come to church yesterday. S. and her son came, and B. and her 4 kids came!. S. said she'd come back next week. B. was super chill so that was good! Other than that, we have a lot of great potential in this area! We decided to fast for our area on Saturday so we could have more success and be an example for the rest of the mission. The next day at church we talked to a family who was visiting and would eventually move in. They have 2 kids over 8 who aren't baptized from previous marriages, so they will be baptized in mid-October when they move in! Fasting and prayer works! Some could say that this would have happened regardless of our fast, but I believe God knows everything, thus He knew we'd fast for that purpose and set in motion this family's move into this ward! MIRACLES WORK!!! So yeah. There are a lot of cool miracles coming up everywhere! :)

Other than that, being comps with E. Green is great, and I love spending more time with President and Sister Kendrick! I thought I'd be a lot more stressed out, but I feel like things will go well! As far as life being different, all that is different is that we spend our nights in the office planning for meetings and training. Overall, its just been a lot of hard work and fun!

Here's an idea for the ward: In missionary work we contact people. Basically just inviting them to take the lessons.
                    Ex: "Hi, we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we share a message about how God has called a Prophet in our days. This message has brought a lot of peace and direction into my life, and we know it'll do the same for you. Would you be willing to have us stop by for 15min another day to share this message with you?"
Boom. Simple. So like that, the ward members could have a "contacting goal" of like 3 people a week. Their contacts would be more like this:
                    Ex: "Hi there....So I'm a Mormon and there are some missionaries who share a message that helps us feel God's Spirit more in our live. I know the message has really helped me. Would you like to meet with them?"
Just an idea, but I really think it'd work well. We have to stand as a witness of God at all times and in all places, and that's a good way to do it:)

Thanks for the update on everything, Mom! I am so grateful for you and all that you do for me! I love you and hope you have a great week!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 56: New Assignment!

Hi Mom!

Sososososoososososososo sorry, but I have no time whatsoever! I love where I'm at! Really different from what I expected, but a lot of fun! We have our own area and everything, and are expected to baptize and lead by example. It's really good though! I love the area and the ward, and (believe it or not) I love the responsibility I have to be an example and work my hardest to lead the mission in the right way! I'm sure I'll be a bit stressed when Elder Green goes home, but I still have a couple transfers before that happens. I'm sure I'll get the ropes down by then. But I got to go! Sorry again!

Love you!

Elder Brian Farley
ps: sorry no pictures today :(

Hi Dad!

Being an assistant is really interesting, but fun!  It definitely is a great experience so far. I believe that if we are willing to grow, and we become comfortable in the place we are at, that the Lord then moves us or changes the circumstance in order to move us outside our comfort zone in order to grow. So that is what is happening to me, I believe. I am really trying to stay humble and open to the Spirit so I can lead in righteousness.

We do still proselyte in an area. We go to Vista 3rd ward. A typical day is like any other missionary's day. It's all to find teach and baptize in our area and help the mission do the same!

It is good to hear that all is going so well back at home and that there are a lot of people who still remember me! haha. I am super happy for Danny! I love that kid! I hope he has tons of success! I'm sorry, but my emails from now on may be a bit shorter because of my lack of time, but know that I love you and am always hoping and praying the best for you and the family!

Elder Brian Farley

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 55: Transfers...Leaving SFH Ward.

Elder Farley & Elder Green
Hey Mom!

I've actually only been in SM for 2 transfers! They are getting me out of here quick! I couldn't believe it! WE got the call from the assistants and they said "Well, you two are staying together." And we were all like "Cool, that's what we thought" and then they said "Sike! Elder Farley is out of there!" What?? No way! But alas, it's happening. Poor Elder M will have to learn so much on his own! He's only been in the area for 3 weeks! But he'll be fine;) And I am answering this before transfers, so I don't have any idea where I'm going. You'll just have to wait a bit;) haha

pictures courtesy A. Summers (local mom attending transfer meeting)
So since today is transfers and P-day we don't have very much time again today... Sorry! I will send a long(er) email in the near future! haha. But I am glad that you had a good trip in SD! It's a bit trippy to see you and Dad with people and at places that I've been to in the past year... haha.

The SFH ward is so awesome! The last time we taught "A", I told her that I'd bear my testimony at church. So as I was planning what to say Brother Wright went up, bore a short testimony, and then said "Now Elder Farley promised that he'd bear his testimony, and I wouldn't be surprised if he started walking up as soon as I finish my testimony... In the name of-" so I had no choice but to hurry on up there! (He's a punk! haha;) I went up and told the congregation that it was my last Sunday with them, and then bore my testimony about how the gospel changes us and how I've been blessed to be changed and see many others change. I thought it was short, but it turned our to be somewhere around 10min! Wow! Longwinded I guess! haha. But after that, we were able to tech the Elders quorum a lesson about missionary work! It was a great Sunday! Before we left, there were tons of members coming up to me and telling me that they were happy that I was able to serve in the ward. I didn't think I was loved by the ward that much, and I hadn't realized the love I had for all of them! All in all, I really will miss this ward, and I am very hopeful and excited for the progress they will make in the future!

I got the envelope, but not the cookies! I'm excited for them, though!

The District - Last time together for this transfer!

That's all the time I got! Thanks for everything, Mom! I am happy that I get to be your missionary boy and am able to be here and serve the Lord! Keep inviting, and being an example! I love you and hope you have a great week!

New comp...Elder Green

Elder Brian Farley