Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 58: The Gospel is so Important...

Hi Mom!

There are still things that are a bit stressful here and there every once and a while, but nothing too extreme. Mainly just trainings and other meetings are what cause a bit of stress, but we all work together and as a team so we're good! My bike is alright. I messed it up again, but Elder Smith has some spare parts that I can use to fix it! No worries!:) Things with S. and B. have slowed down a bit. They didnt come to church, but we are still working with them. There are a couple other investigators that are really solid that we picked up last week. They are both down to progress towards baptism! So it's just a matter of meeting with them now. That always seems to be the biggest issue. We do have a USB port in the truck, but I still have the other drive you sent from last conference, so I can still use that.  

Sounds like all is well in F-town though! I hope Cache heals up quick! I cant believe MJ is almost home! I was in the MTC with her! I feel like I am still so young in the mission, but that's not the truth anymore. It's so crazy! Missions fly by way too quick. Theres not enough time to do all the baptizing we need to do while here on the mish, so thats why the members need to do the work too! The gospel is so important and is needed for all mankind to inherit the Kingdom of God. It's the most amazing thing in the world!!! Why not share it?? I just think there are a lot of members who dont do their part in sharing the gospel with their friends. I am so grateful that you and dad are doing such a great job, regardless of any circumstances, at sharing the gospel! Keep up the great work!:) I know there is no better thing to be doing than sharing the gospel! I lobe you and hope you have a fantastic week, Mom!

Elder Brian Farley

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