Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 56: New Assignment!

Hi Mom!

Sososososoososososososo sorry, but I have no time whatsoever! I love where I'm at! Really different from what I expected, but a lot of fun! We have our own area and everything, and are expected to baptize and lead by example. It's really good though! I love the area and the ward, and (believe it or not) I love the responsibility I have to be an example and work my hardest to lead the mission in the right way! I'm sure I'll be a bit stressed when Elder Green goes home, but I still have a couple transfers before that happens. I'm sure I'll get the ropes down by then. But I got to go! Sorry again!

Love you!

Elder Brian Farley
ps: sorry no pictures today :(

Hi Dad!

Being an assistant is really interesting, but fun!  It definitely is a great experience so far. I believe that if we are willing to grow, and we become comfortable in the place we are at, that the Lord then moves us or changes the circumstance in order to move us outside our comfort zone in order to grow. So that is what is happening to me, I believe. I am really trying to stay humble and open to the Spirit so I can lead in righteousness.

We do still proselyte in an area. We go to Vista 3rd ward. A typical day is like any other missionary's day. It's all to find teach and baptize in our area and help the mission do the same!

It is good to hear that all is going so well back at home and that there are a lot of people who still remember me! haha. I am super happy for Danny! I love that kid! I hope he has tons of success! I'm sorry, but my emails from now on may be a bit shorter because of my lack of time, but know that I love you and am always hoping and praying the best for you and the family!

Elder Brian Farley

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