Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 61: First Transfer Meeting!

Hey Mom!!

I am glad to hear all the good news from home! Thats great that you get to help out the less fortunate during the Christmas season! :)

Things here are good. This past week was pretty crazy. A lot of office time. As for transfers, it was really cool to see how it was all done though!  I believe that God prompts us all the time to make decisions that will benefit us, but I also believe He allows us to make natural decisions and them makes something great out of them. God is all knowing, so he knows what we will do, and can set in motion and cause great things to happen even if we aren't necessarily prompted to do something in the first place! I hope that makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if we make good choices, whether prompted to or not, God will make great things come out of it! Thats how I see transfers, and moving people from one area to another.

So I guess you'll know for the next few transfers where I am going and whats happening before it actually happens! haha. So Elder Green and I are staying together.
Twining Ties

This next transfer is going to be a blast! We have an additional area this next transfer too. It's called Edson Range. That is where we teach all the recruits on camp Pendleton. We went yesterday, and they are all super humble and ready to hear the gospel! Elder Green served in the Carlsbad YSA and in Edson before and he said we should have at least 4 baptisms just from there this next transfer. The only hard part is that we only can teach them on Sunday, and they are up there on Edson for a total of 4 weeks. So the time frame is tight! It's going to be great though!

Not much else has happened here... Last week on P-day we went to Murrieta and played everyone in B-ball, and E.G and I beat every companionship (5 of them). There's one elder who is 6'6" and we even beat him! It was epic! I was sore for like 3 days! haha. Today we are going up to Temecula and are going to beat everyone up there in B-ball;) haha

Thanks again for all that you do, Mom! I Love you and hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

Elder Brian Farley

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